The History of the Pony Express

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This weekend marks the 151st anniversary of the beginning of the Pony Express. Operating from April 3, 1860 until October 1861, it was the best way to send mail to and from California. Despite it’s extremely short lifespan, it has become a substantial part of American history. Today, I want to showcase the Geni profiles of four influential members of the pony express.

Buffalo Bill’s Profile on Geni

William Frederick Cody, better known as Buffalo Bill, was the most famous Pony Express rider.

William Hepburn Russell’s Profile on Geni

William Hepburn Russell was a co-founder of the Pony Express.

William B. Waddell’s Profile on Geni

William B. Waddell was a co-founder of the Pony Express.

Alexander Major’s Profile on Geni

Alexander Majors was a co-founder of the Pony Express.

If you’re interested in working on expanding the genealogical information of the members of the Pony Express, you can take a moment to join the Pony Express Project on Geni. Our goal is to get everyone in there connected to the big tree, so don’t hesitate.

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