Time Magazine 50 best websites – Vote for Geni!

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Time Magazine has named Geni one of the top 50 websites of 2008! Here is what they say about Geni:

For an exercise that’s all about family, researching your genealogy can be an oddly lonesome affair, filled with long hours spent sifting through records and making awkward phone calls to far-flung relatives.
But Geni turns tree-building into a collaborative effort: the free site gives you the basic tools for diagramming your ancestry, and it also lets you invite others to contribute. If you’re serious about tracing your lineage, you’ll probably still click on stalwarts like Ancestry.com, Family Search and the USGenWeb Project for their vast digital archives, but Geni makes it easier — and more fun — than ever to create and share your family tree.

They are asking users to select and rate their favorite websites from this list. You can rate Geni on this page. Use the rating slider to rate Geni on a scale of 1 to 100, then click submit.

There are a lot of other great sites in the top 50, so make sure you browse around after you vote for Geni.

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