Today’s Release: Bug Fixes!

Posted July 26, 2011 by Amanda | 6 Comments

We are always listening to feedback from our users and regularly make improvements and bug fixes to the site. While some of the improvements may not be noticeable while interacting with Geni, we want to give our users a better idea of what is included in each release. You may notice that many of these enhancements and fixes came directly from requests posted to Geni Help and our public discussions. An archive of our previous release notes can be found in our Geni Help Announcements. And as always, comments and feedback are appreciated! Without further ado, here are the notes from today’s release:


  • The nickname field has been moved to the Basics tab when you edit a profile and is relabeled “Also known as.”
  • Latest news feed and People You May Know module have been removed from the home page
  • Request to Collaborate can now be found under the Actions menu
  • We no longer display “Contact Manager” if there is no manager on a profile
  • Replaced commas with semi-colons in family list view


  • Fixed bug preventing users from inviting relatives to join their tree
  • You can now add Facebook URLs as documents
  • Fixed broken document thumbnails
  • Search will now give the same exact results when using ó or o
  • Fixed issue with setting primary email address of a profile you manage
  • For non-Pros, you can now see the Pro edit option on a profile with a pending collaboration request
  • Fixed bug that automerged subsuming dates
  • Fixed permissions error on videos for Master Profile
  • Fixed pagination for profile revisions
  • Profile search now defaults to “All of Geni” for everyone


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  • Mlboyce

    u00a0I used the News feed or comment box a lot to update family members about what new had been added to the tree, or what problems I had been having. Now how do I get in touch with those who visit my Geni page. I hope you consider adding this feature back in. Thanks,

    • honi

      Why not use the Discussions for that. That’s the way I do it, and it works very well indeed.

  • David

    The nickname field has been moved to the Basics tab when you edit a profile and is relabeled u201cAlso known as.u201dnBut they still show as Nicknames under Personal on the right side of the profile page!

  • Donna Bowers

    Donna Bowers—my email was  But now it has changed to dk_bowers29@yahoo:disqus .com.  I am not getting my Geni notices so hopes this fixes that problem.
    Donna Bowers

  • Tomnmary3

    When will you fix the names running in the boxes rather that vertically in the tree? Thanks