Today’s Release: Approving Merges and Project Tags

Posted August 2, 2012 by Amanda | 17 Comments

Today we’re releasing enhancements to merge requests and projects that’ll make collaboration a little easier. Read below for the details.

Approving Merges

We’re making it a little easier to grow your family tree by expanding permissions for approving merges to everyone. For a limited time, all users will be able to approve a merge for free. This means that Basic and Plus users will be able to complete merge requests for private profiles and unconnected trees and finally merge into the World Family Tree!

Remember, this enhancement is only for accepting merge requests. Basic and Plus users will not be able to request merges. The merge permissions for Pro members will remain the same.

Project Tags

We made some improvements to project tags. A tag can consist of simple keywords that are related to the project. Project tags can be found to the right of the page above Related Projects.

Click on a tag to see a list of all other projects that have that same tag. This makes it even easier to find a list of all related projects.

In addition to these changes, we released a few more enhancements and fixes. To check out today’s full release notes, please visit the Announcements section in our Help Center.

Post written by Amanda

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  • Dave K.

    Highly welcome, and long overdue.

  • Jeff Gentes

    Indeed! Awesome news on the merges.   As a pro member, it has been difficult to collaborate with users unable to accept merges.

  • Michael

    I’ve been requested to agree to 7 mergers but clicking the “Yes, request to merge” button results in “Special Offer:
    Try Geni Pro for free! Try Geni Pro Risk Free for 14 days” appearing.

    • geniblog


      Non-Pro users can only accept merge requests. They cannot send a request to merge. Notice that it said “Yes, request to merge” - this is why you are seeing the offer to upgrade.

      • Michael

        I said I’d been requested to agree to mergers, not that I’d sent requests.

        • geniblog

          Michael, do you have a specific merge that you are unable to complete?

          • Michael

            As stated above, there are seven I’ve been asked to approve. There are several I initiated before last year’s limitations were introduced but which are stuck because of those limitations.
            In most cases multiple profiles have been created as a result of Geni’s enabling multiple invitations (at one time I almost had 3 profiles as a result of invitations sent to 3 different addresses) and users creating new profiles for other family member without being aware of already existing profiles.

          • geniblog

            Michael, I asked for a specific example so that I could help see why you are unable to accept it. Would you please get back to me with the name of one of the merges you are unable to complete?

          • Michael

            Beverley Gaunt

          • geniblog

            You do not have permission to complete the merge for Beverley Gaunt. The profile manager of the duplicate profile needs to login to accept it. 
            You may want to change the view of your merge center to “Managed by Me” to view all the requested merges on profiles you manage.

          • Michael

            Would the managers of it and the other four with managers have received merge requests. If they don’t log in how will they know merges are pending and require their approval?

            What about two profiles which don’t appear to have any manager?

          • geniblog

            You can send them a message to login and request they accept the merge.

            If there is no manager listed, then it is likely that the profile is claimed. Only they would be able to complete a merge on their own profile.

          • Michael

            Shouldn’t it be Geni’s responsibility to inform managers since I was unaware of their existence until they appeared in the Requested Merges list and I don’t know the managers or anything about those profiled.
            Is it likely those profiled and family members who do know them have received merge approval requests?

  • Lauri Kreen

    Which ones they can complete and which ones only accept? Which filters they shall use in their Merge Centre? All Basic Users are currently replying that only thing they can see is Geni Pro Purchase proposal!? 

  • Lauri Kreen

     Is it true that they can accept/complete ONLY “blue pluses” in tree view (own family tree)? Are there any restrictions – to how far relatives they can accept merges?

  • terje

    It does not help much. I’m Basic User. I have 380 requests, but I can accept only about 10 merges.

    • geniblog


      Please note you can only accept merges on profiles which you have permission to edit. Requests with a Pro badge next to it indicates a merge request you are unable to act on.