Today’s Release: Bug Fixes

Posted September 13, 2011 by Amanda | 5 Comments

In addition to introducing Geni Plus, we have also released bug fixes to the site. Here’s a list of fixes in today’s release.


  • Fixed bug causing birth surname to reset when a user edits the location details on a profile
  • Fixed issue where burial location was not displaying on revision compare screen
  • Birthday and anniversary gifts are now working on Internet Explorer 7
  • Fixed multiple pop-up issue when making a profile public from the tree
  • Users reported being unable to select an empty field in data conflicts in Internet Explorer and Chrome. This issue is now fixed.
  • Fixed bug sending credit card expiration reminders to users whose credit cards are not about to expire
  • Fixed blank revision pages
  • Addressed an issue where images were being lost from merged profiles

Post written by Amanda

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  • Niclas Carlenius

    After this release it seems all living profiles have both “Location” and “Current Location” on their profile pages with the same data.

    • Geni Amanda

      Thanks, Niclas. Our engineers are looking into it.

  • Roberto Bahnson

    It seems as with all these bug fixes and releases it turns out that nothing can be done any more without being forced to subscribe to a subscription of either Geni Plus or Geni Pro, at least that is what I get out of it now that I can’t even send a birthday greetings without being prompt to Geni Plus subscription page and although I check “No thanks, continue” I still cannot send the birthday greeting.

  • Henno Täht

    I like to explore in Geni occasionally. Previously I had purchased Geni Pro but it expired recently. I did not continue the subscription because in order to use search and other Pro features for 2 hours in a month, I have to purchase a full month. This plus is a step in the right direction but seriously: would you rent a hot air balloon for a month in order to get a joyride for 2 hours?

    How about a day pass?

  • mrgeoff

    The problem still exists. Birthday Greetings are inaccessible (cannot be created/sent) because the Pro Subscription screen will not redirect correctly. This problem is consistent, persistent and current. It has NOT been fixed.