Today’s Release: Introducing Record Matches

Posted September 29, 2011 by George | 42 Comments

Record Partners

One of the most important aspects of genealogical research is accessing record collections to find hints and facts about your ancestors and family members.  And one of the challenges of the research is that these record collections exist in many places around the world, both on and off the web.

As part of our efforts to create the best platform for genealogists to work together to build a single world family tree, we are proud to announce our first partnerships to make it easier for Geni users to find records about the relatives on your family tree.  Our initial partners are and GenealogyBank. provides more than 1.5 billion records and GenealogyBank is the largest archive of historical newspaper articles geared towards family history research.  If you already subscribe to either of these services, you can start using them immediately from your Geni profiles.  If you’re not a subscriber, both services offer free trials, and affordable monthly or yearly payment options.

When you visit any profile page, we will highlight record matches on either provider if they exist:

When you click on the Record Matches button, you will be directed to a page that allows you to see more details about the records, and click through to visit our partners and view records about your relatives and ancestors.

We will continue to add more partners in the future in an attempt to make research easier for Geni users.

Master Profiles in Search

One other note on today’s release: Master profiles will now appear at the top of search results when a search is conducted.  This will make it easier for users to find the best and most popular profiles on Geni.

In this example, when searching for the surname “Costner” on Geni, you’ll notice that actor Kevin Costner’s master profile appears at the top of the results.


Post written by George

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  • Maria Edmonds-Zediker

    So, what happened to the “hot matches” button from the profile page? It’s more important to me to know if there are duplicate profiles IN GENI, than it is to know that other paid services “might” have information about the profile in question.

    • Mike at Geni

      Maria, we are still showing Geni’s tree matches as well.  See this screen shot for an example of what that looks like:

      • Maria Edmonds-Zediker

        It must have been sheer coincidence, then, that half a dozen profiles in a row had no matches, because I was only seeing this new button. I must be doing a good job of cleaning up the branch of the tree I have been focusing on. Thanks for showing me that screen shot so that I know the useful tool is still there.

  • Greenecoingennut

    nice to know but still about the cost of  GENI fees – not all of us are ‘rich’ you know  and with this deprssion coming along to hit us in the ass yes  depression not recession  and trutful its been an on goign depression and not recession…   still would like to see the non-por have more of their status back on GENI -   but oh well….

  • Rolando de Aguiar

    But wait a minute… as a Pro subscriber I expect one of two things: 1) that I can see these records for free, or 2) that I can turn off these notifications. If I’m paying Geni I should be able to ask Geni to stop shilling for other services.

    • alfa52

      I don’t need that kind of recordinformation in the Geni-profiles. I already know they are for sale where ever I visit goggle, newpapers, facebook etc. So what’s extra for Geni-users, Pro or not? Absoloutely nothing!

      I think it would be okey to put theese “Outside Geni”- cooperators in the head of the Geni-page. If I’m intrested I then can click for that kind of information. (Likely under the heading “Research”).  But within the profiles???! Within the Geni-profiles!? O, no. Do as on Facebook put advertisments to a corner of the page that don’t disturb the users. Thanks!

    • Jim Sieks

      It seems to me, GENI, by bringing on these new sources, is embellishing the genealogy services and enrichment.  The cost of these services seems a little rich, but time will tell.

    • Vince Larson

      I agree with
      Rolando de Aguiar.  If Geni is going to present other services as part of the benefits of subscribing to Geni, then they ought to be available without more charges to us as Geni subscribers.  If I want to see ads for some other service, I can easily find them online.  I think Geni is over-reaching and I am not happy about it.

      • Anonymous


        By partnering with sites such as and GenealogyBank , we have made researching your family history faster and easier. Since record matches can be found automatically on their Geni profile, you wont have to spend extra time conducting separate searches in various genealogy databases. 

        We believe this is a valuable tool to help genealogists research their family tree and we plan on adding more partners in the future.

    • T U Andersen


      Der må da være en masse Geni træer uden for Amerika som ikke har aner i Amrika, hvis søgningen kunne gøres Woldwide så kunne mange flere jo brug de tjenerster.

      Jeg ønsker ikke at betale mere for ting jeg ikke har brug for, syntes at Geni tager sig nok betalt i forvejen.


      Tommy Andersen Danmark  

  • Lauri Kreen

    In your “Records phrases” (Tr8n) is also mentioned PeopleSmart – why it is not listed in news release? P.S. All these: , , and are only for USA (even Canada and Mexico are excluded) and these are not free services. When will you add kind of worldwide Records Search?

    • Anonymous


      We’d love to add additional partners in the near future. We’re already in discussion with some.

  • Viki

    Waiting for more “new releases”  :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • Dancornett

    It would be nice to sort by other criteria as well, such as birth dates, public profiles first, first names, birth names (sub-sort by birth date), etc.

  • Berit Vik Hansen

    This STINKS!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am told there is 3 matches to my own name, when I want to check it out, I HAVE to PAY to do so!!!!Looks like we have to find another way of keep our genealogy family together.I am strongly considering going to My Heritage instead of Geni!!!!

  • Patti26

    I am extremely ‘turned off” with this type of coersion.  I don’t think that a ‘Paid Service’ should attempt to ‘Hook’ people into yet another ‘Paid Service’.  I find it very tacky.  Please delegate these ‘come-on ads’ to the proper place and not on the Profile page.

  • JH

    This kind of recommendation is too invasive and unfortunately of limited value. I had a look at a profile with the name “John Smith”: 832048 matches were announced!

  • Carolyn_l_altamos

    What a ripoff. You want to find info on your family and you have to pay and pay again. This is like taxes–thinking up ways to get more money from us. I will not be renewing my membership

  • Payam

    As always I’m a bit concerned about privacy issues. My family are already complaining that their details are appearing on Google results and the content of their private profiles are appearing on some annoying websites who deep search information on Geni. Now with the introduction of such new features, I’m not sure if the Geni team are watching closely what information are being shared with third parties.

    I wish there was a function/option to apply higher privacy measures to a certain tree. I have sent my concerns to the support team a month ago, and nobody has got back to me yet about this support ticket.

    It’s annoying how much I love Geni though!

    • Anonymous

      Geni takes the privacy of you and your close relatives seriously. Each user controls the privacy of their profile and every unclaimed profile they manage. Check out our FAQ for more details on how to control what is listed publicly:

      • Anonymous

        Does Geni have any contractual arrangement to share data with Linkedin?   The reason I ask is that some people have joined linked in that are not relatives of mine but have the same first/last name as some of my tree members.   These names are are being presented to me on linkedin as someone I may want to have a link with.   It even matched up a third cousin that joined linkedin that has an e-mail address on his geni profile.   Is Geni sharing names/e-mail info with Linkedin? 

        • Anonymous

          We don’t share any data with Linkedin.

  • Fffff Jkj

    Nothing is gonna help you. Geni is gone. unless they open all the data for free and start using advertisements instead, they will never get bigger (and will never get my money, of course…).

  • keith norris

    what exactly am I receiving for free? Other than the ability to put in the information what is geneology giving me for the fee? has most records for free why dont you?  I dont see any point in paying here when I can go to Ancestry pay and have accesss to documents

    • Anonymous

      Hi Keith,

      Geni provides a fast and easy way to build your family tree and share/collaborate with others. We know how important documentation is to resourcing your information, especially in a collaborative site like Geni. In order to make researching your family history faster and easier, we have partnered with sites such as and GenealogyBank . If you’re already a subscriber to these services, then all you need to do is login to view the records immediately. Both sites also offer free trials for you to check out the results.

      We are planning to add additional partners in the future. If you have any that you would like to see, please let us know.

  • Doorno3jbp

    In an attempt to make Geni better they are offering partnership with 2 of the lamest services in the genealogy mix…..better to pay the high prices at ancestry and get legitmate info then have these bozos run you in circles

    • Anonymous

      We believe our partnerships with and GenealogyBank will provide users with easier access to valuable genealogical records. We’re also planning on adding additional partners in the future.

      • Hope this helps

        Back when you stripped Basic users of a lot of features and we asked for an ad supported site you claimed you didn’t want to see GENI become littered with ads (presumably meaning ads other than your own upgrade walls) but these so-called partnerships are nothing more than ads for other pay sites.

        If you want to add features, then why not partner with FREE sites like Find-A-Grave which I have found invaluable in providing dates of birth and death for members of my family. 

  • Erik Hellenes

    Til nå, har denne funksjonen bare vært et irritasjonsmoment for meg.

    Når jeg klikker på “arkivfunn”, så kommer det stort sett fantasifulle navnekombinasjoner opp, som ikke har relevans i det hele tatt, eller det kommer en “error” som sier at det ikke finnes noen med dette navn i USA…

    Riktignok har jeg ikke aktivert Visakortet mitt på disse tjenestene/websidene jeg blir ført til, men det er heller fordi jeg finner svarene i forhåndssøket for upresist. 
    Er det noen her inne som har erfaring med

    eller har synspunkter på denne nye tjenesten som er på Geni?

  • Scooper

    I am usually quiet about new releases, but this one is really 1) worthless, and 2) annoying.  Please at least give us an option to turn it off. 

    My battle is to try to get new family members to join the tree and see what great things we’ve been building.  Your changes recently have made this harder.  Everyone starts out as a free member, and if they like it enough, some will become paying members.  But when free membership is so limited, and they are hit with brick walls right and left that they have to pay to get around, it is a real turn-off.

  • Olle

    I noted recently that you had started marketing via the profiles in Geni. I was alerted via the tag on one of my ancestors that I could find 142 Record Matches for this person. I went to the link very excited, paid the fee and entered the so called record matches. What an absolute fraud. First of all only contains material from US and UK. The ancestor in question lived during first half of 1700 in Sweden.Of course there were no matches. A total bluff. I expect an explanation why you are involved in these scams and would like to see that you take away this fraudulent marketing from your web site. Further I expect to see that my fee is refunded.Chocking to see this type of marketing on a site where we trust you with details on our family and ancestors.

    • Anonymous


      We’ve partnered with these sites in order to make researching your family history faster and easier. By showing possible record matches on the profile page, you will not have to spend extra time conducting separate searches in various genealogy databases on the Internet. 

      We plan to add additional partners in the near future. If there are any you would like to see, please let us know.

  • Scott Korin

    It’s nice to see Master Profiles on the top of search results.

  • Elamj

    I agree that this is a completely useless feature.  Also, before they introduced it,  you could get REAL matches with other Geni subscribers who had entered records of the same name, and I was able to find living relatives that way.  Now it seems that this feature no longer exists.  

  • Cclaico1804

    Each e-mail you show the same relatives that i know about .Some are dead and one is living. I have other relatives that are on my Mother’s and Dad side. You never show ant thing about them. Carmine Laico

  • Ben Bodenmiller

    Why on earth are you using double spaces between sentences in blog posts? Welcome to the 21st century…

  • Scooper

    Over 40 comments now, from Curators, Pros, Pluses and Peons, all negative.  Time to take a lesson from NetFlix and fix your mistake in judgment.  I’m sure you were well intentioned, but you missed the mark on this one.

  • F7fww2

    What has happened to the Record Matches for Ancestry.Com it has been missing since yesterday afternoon. I use this everyday!

    • geniblog

      Sorry for the inconvenience. We’re making some adjustments with how this feature works. It should be back up shortly.