Today’s Release: New Projects Dashboard

Posted February 15, 2012 by Amanda | 12 Comments

Today we’re excited to announce the first step in some major new enhancements to Geni Projects. Projects were first introduced over a year ago as a way for users to organize and work together on groups of related profiles. We think you are all going to love our new changes to Projects. Check out the enhancements below!

A New Look


projects dashboard

We’ve given our Projects page a makeover. Featured Projects are displayed right at the top of the page so you can easily discover new interesting projects to join. Hover over the photo to see the project’s name and click the photo to visit the project.

All of the projects you follow can be found under the “My Projects” tab. To find new genealogy projects to join, click on “All Projects.” We added a Recent Activity feed to the right of the page so you can stay up-to-date with the projects you follow and see what your collaborators are working on.



By popular demand, pictures can now be added to projects. Adding an image to a project is easy:

  1. Upload the photo (if you haven’t already)
  2. Click “Edit” next to the Project field under the image
  3. Select the desired project

Now the photo will appear on the project’s page!

These updates are just the first step in improving Projects for Geni users. Stay tuned for more improvements coming soon.

Check out the new Projects page on Geni!


Post written by Amanda

Amanda is the Social Media Coordinator at Geni. If you need any assistance, she will be happy to help!

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  • David

    I tried to tag a photo to a project that I created where I am no 1 collaborator and got ”
    You do not have permission to tag photos on this project. “

    • Michelle

      David, I don’t understand what you are describing. Do you want to message me (Michelle) on Geni and give me more details?

    • Anonymous

      Hi David,
      You need to be a project collaborator to tag a photo. Can you let us know what project you are trying to tag?

      • David

        Have responded separately to Michelle.  Yes I was and am a project collaborator.  Anyway, it now works!  Thanks!

  • David

    How do you change the picture associated with a project?  When viewing a project, how do you find where on Geni the project picture is located?

  • David

    How do you resize a project picture eg its a portrait picture but the action is in the lower half.  In tree view for profiles you can resize a profile picture.  How do you do that for a project picture?

    • Anonymous

      Hi David, 
      The image functionality will be expanded in upcoming releases. Stay tuned!

      • David

        I look forward to that.  In the meantime, I take it that you can’t easily find where in Geni the project picture is located, you can’t change it, and you can’t resize it.  Did I get this right?

        It will be great if Geni can address those points in future release.

        • Anonymous

          We will!

  • David

    Do you need edit access to a picture to tag it to a project? Or be the owner of the picture?  eg there are pictures of profiles managed by my collaborators, but I don’t seem to be able to tag them to a project.

  • Sharon Doubell

    Yaaaaay geni!!

  • Maria Edmonds-Zediker

    YAY! good remodel and plenty of new functionality. This will help boost the popularity of projects.