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  • Regis Nicolau Oliva

    Não consigo mais entrar no Geni. O que foi que foi feitopois, mudou a configuração? Antes a arvore apresentava configuração vertical e agora se apresenta com configuuração horizontal. Porque?
    Não consigo mais adicionar  ninguem.

  • Brid

    I agree with the comments on how much geni has disimproved.  I already pay for for research and had set up my family tree on MyHeritage and pay for that.  I then found a relation who has great information on Geni and I was able to add information to that and upload photos and documents while keeping that plus the other side of my family on MyHeritage.  There needs to be compatibility.  Gedcom is meant to be the standard, why cant we use it so long as we pay for one site, or two at the most.

    • Geni George

      GEDCOM is very flawed in many ways.  There are efforts in motion to allow for import on Geni, both through 3rd party providers and from a native Geni import.  GEDCOM imports were turned off last year because they introduce so many issues with duplication; we will allow GEDCOM imports as soon as we can finish our transition to our new data graph, and then figure out a way to intelligently import data.

      Regarding the ability to sync between sites like MyHeritage and Geni: we aren’t doing anything to prevent this, but what I’ve gathered is that they have zero interest in allowing folks to migrate their data to another web tree.  If they were interested, we would be happy to have that conversation with them.  They are different models, so in many regards it would make sense to determine whether there is a good way to work together.

  • Lbob130709

    Is there a possibility of adding another family to my family tree?
    Am trying to create a connection. This fmly has the same surname.