Today’s Release: Profile Hovercards and More

Posted August 18, 2011 by Michelle | 20 Comments

Profile Hovercards

At the beginning of the year we released document hovercards, a popular feature for quickly finding out more information about documents on Geni.  Today we added the profile hovercard, which makes it easy to find out additional information about profiles in search results.

To view a profile hovercard in search results, simply hover over the link to the profile and additional information about the profile will be displayed. Profile hovercards will continue to appear in new locations across Geni in the coming weeks.

Managed By

In addition to profile hovercards, we returned the “Managed By” column to the search results to make it easier to find profiles managed by you and your collaborators.


Manager Notifications for Discussions

To make it easier to keep up with the profiles you manage, we added notifications for discussions that reference your managed profiles.  These notifications will appear in the notification area to the left of your profile picture on the Geni site wide header.

Geni Staff Icon in Discussions

Members of the Geni team frequently interact with users in the discussions, so we added a “G” icon so it’s easy to tell when a message is written by a Geni employee. This way you can know with confidence when a message is from someone that officially represents Geni.

Additional Updates:

  • Public documents can now be easily shared through Facebook and Google Plus
  • “Add Family” link is back on profile pages
  • Fixed a permission issue that sometimes prevented adding profiles onto a private profile. Yellow arrows are back!
  • Fixed push pins for profile relationships
  • Restored missing tabs for matches – Matches, Approved Matches and Removed Matches tabs are back
  • Fixed news feed display


Post written by Michelle

Michelle Kempner is a User Experience designer. Michelle works with the product team to come up with new features and improvements for the site.

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  • Pam

    Where does one find PRO tools, or PRO help?

    • Anonymous

      The tools and priority support are simply built into Geni. Once one is signed up for Pro, the features will be functional and your tickets at will be put into a priority queue.

  • Voqo

    I see Profile Hovercards of public profiles are available for non-Pro users too, but without possibility to contact with profile manager (who can be Pro or not – I don’t know) it won’t help much.

  • PhiDeck

    ” Profile hovercards will continue to appear in new locations across Geni in the coming weeks.”

    Will that include Family/Lists?

    • Michelle

      We did release it on lists as well. We will continue to add it in new places in upcoming weeks.

  • Christine

    I don’t see a hovercard over a search result I am interested in. All I see is a pop up/bubble that says I need to upgrade to PRO to see the profile, contact the profile manager (or even know who the profile manager IS), merge trees or otherwise “get more out of Geni”. Great, another feature only available to PROS. Pretty damn useless to the rest of us.

    • Christine

      edit: I can see who the profile manager is, but everything else is same as above.

      • Voqo

        I think this is in case of private profiles. Before changes you would see the same (almost nothing) by going to this profile.
        Try to see a hovercard of any public profile.

  • Maria Edmonds-Zediker

    The hover card is cool! The “G” icon will be helpful as you add staff and as staff takes on a more active role in discussions. I am also glad to see “managed by” back in the search results. Thanks for fixing that one.

    • Anonymous

      Glad you like the changes, Maria. :-)

  • Tor E.

    from last uppgrage all my text-info on each member drops wertical until mousepointer is moved over it . ? why ?

    • Niclas Carlenius

      It has been like this for two weeks. All the time it was a “known bug”, which Geni engineers are said to be working on trying to solve. It’s strange that functionality that existed perfectly for four years goes away in a second and takes weeks to restore. First the error “only” affected my tree view in Firefox and Google Chrome, so I could see a normal tree view in Internet Explorer – but the last few days no browser works at all. It should be a top priority to solve this. Being able to read names in the tree is a very basic functionality, which is more important than other fine tuning and new features! When is this bug expected to be fixed?

      • Voqo

        It’s a bug made by Flash engine. I’ve seen it on other web games using Flash – but there it was quickly solved.

    • Anonymous


      As Niclas said, it is a bug that we know about that is affecting some people. We’ll let you all know as soon as it is fixed.

  • Stephenntly

    What’s going on at Geni? Ever since the crash a couple of weeks ago things just arn’t the same. I don’t like what I am reading from other users and I am worried about how the information I have given freely is going to be used. My tree text is also vertical until the mouse goes near it! What’s that all about?
    You better get your act together Geni before your users whether free or paying lose confidence in both you and the site. If I discover as I suspect that I have lost control of areas of my tree I will be deleting what I can and leaving.

    • Anonymous

      The vertical display name is a known bug, and the engineers are working on fixing this currently.

      Viewing and editing permissions have not changed. If you have permissions on any given profile, you can still edit and view that profile. What has changed is that now adding profiles outside of your close family (3rd-great grandparents, 4th cousins) is now a pro-only feature.

  • Flora

    What is happening to the tree?????  Names are showing vertically!!!!

    • Anonymous


      We are aware that some users are seeing the names display strangely. We’re working on getting it fixed for those affected. :-)

  • Dragonasbreath

    I’ve noticed that before you broke it completely, I was having pure hell trying to get anywhere or do anything because every time I turned around I had files jumping up in my face, mucking around, hiding what I’m trying to get out..
    the usual question is… and just WHO thinks this trash was of some use? Be different if I CLICKED to get it rather than it just jumping out and interfering with any and everything you attempt to do.

    • Anonymous

      I’m not sure exactly what you’re talking about. Can you post a screenshot so I can try to help you?