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Note: This short post is a cross-post from the Geni Engineering blog.  The topic is less relevant to genealogy and Geni users, but we wanted to share because we know a lot of you are tech enthusiasts.

We released our translation features six months ago and quickly saw our community translate Geni into 20 different languages.   Since then, Geni has been translated into 70 different languages with over 150,000 translations.  It has been amazing to watch the community work towards the goal of making Geni accessible to everybody.

Today we introduced our translation service, tr8n, to the open source community.

“When we decided to translate Geni into other languages, we looked at a number of options, including hiring professional translators and using Facebook’s translation tools. We quickly realized that there weren’t any great options out there,” said Noah Tutak, President of Geni. “When we discovered that one of our engineers, Michael Berkovich, is fluent in both a Slavic language and a language written right-to-left, we knew we had the in-house expertise to build our own solution. We’re very pleased with the solution that he built”

For more information about how tr8n works, check out the tr8n wiki.

A special thanks to all of our translators who helped test this service and turn Geni into an international hit!


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