Updates: Removing Media and Private Profile Discussions

Posted December 20, 2010 by Geni | No Comment

We’ve added two small changes.  The first makes it easier to remove media from profiles, and the second enhances discussion privacy on private profiles.

Easier Removal of Media

In some cases you will now see a red “X” next to media thumbnails on the profiles you manage.  Clicking the “X” allows you to remove the media directly from the profile, without having to navigate through the various media interfaces.

You can only remove media from a profile if you have “edit” permission on the profile and “tag” permission on the media.

Private Profile Discussions

The behavior of the Discussions tab on private profiles has changed.  Previously, when starting a discussion on a private profile, the discussion would be listed under Public Discussion.  Now, any discussion started on a private profile will only be available to the family group.

This change was made to enhance our privacy features.