Users Helping Each Other

Posted January 21, 2007 by Geni | 149 Comments

Thank you again for the incredible response to Geni. As you might expect, we are currently experiencing very high volumes of customer emails.

As a result, we have asked users with product suggestions to make them here, on the Geni blog. This will let other users see and comment on them, thereby letting the most popular suggestions rise to the top. We read every suggestion posted here, so your ideas will get just as much attention as if you emailed them to us.

In addition, we are asking users with general questions about the product to post them here where other users can reply and help them. You can just comment to this post with your questions. We appreciate all the users who help us answer questions.

If you have a problem specific to your account, please do not hesitate to contact us through the email forms provided in the footer of the site. We will strive to address every user’s issues as quickly as possible. Thank you!


  • Aaron

    So… how is your name pronounced?

  • Alex

    Great site! Congratulations. I would like to be able to be notified when someone has changed or added information in oour family tree. RSS would be my first choice but some sort of email notification may work as well.

  • Brant Gurganus

    Some ideas: aliases, exportable data (GEDCOM is an obvious first choice), generic events, places lists (with places linking to location on a mapping service)

  • Jason Huebel

    You mentioned greater privacy controls. But what about change logging? It would be nice to know who changed what and when. This information can be useful for a number of reasons:
    - someone keeps adding erroneous information and the “moderator” of the tree would like to know who to contact to correct the issue
    - it’s nice to know who are the most active editors. That information might be helpful in giving prizes to family members (for instance, at the next reunion) based on participation.
    Thanks for a great site!

  • Timeri

    When I clicked to add a child, it gave someone a spouse. Not all w/ children have spouses. I deleted the child, and now I want to delete the spouse, but it won’t let me, there is no X.

  • Andrew

    I also think it would be great to have notification when a tree is updated and some sort of export capability.

  • Alfred Leo

    The idea of Geni is so great and it is better than any family tree sites I have ever seen. Since you say Everyone’s Related, then you site should support all languages well.
    I am from China and I found Geni profile does not support Chinese well. Chinese cannot be shown correctly except the basics page.
    I have some suggestions. You may make a flash of a requested family tree and charge a little amount of money (I would be very glad if it is free also) for downloading it. I am sure many people would like to pay when they want to show to someone who does not have internet access. People can save some changes in the paid downloaded flash for later update.
    Sometimes a person is adopted and Geni should add this info.
    Some people use many names, there should be a space for used names or make About support Chinese well.

  • Alfred Leo

    People in some countries put their family names first, so there should be an option to show the family names first.

  • Paul Davys

    In Australia our date protocol is day / month / year as opposed to the US protocol of month / day / year. It would be good if you preferences allowed the user to choose their preferred date protocol. Great site!!!

  • Alfred Leo

    It would be very convenient if you can add birth order in the add family member page. Because when I add brother and sisters, it is a mess there and I have to edit each info.

  • Kelly

    I agree with Paul above – New Zealand shares the same date protocol (day/month/year) as I believe does much of Europe. Customizable dates would be great!
    Since we’re on the other side of the International Date Line, customizable time zones (or autodetection of a user’s local computer time / time zone) would be useful too.
    I also agree with Alfred above that an easier way to edit sibling birth order is needed. For that matter, marriage order should be customizable too…
    Thanks! Keep up the good work!

  • Randy

    I’ve run in to a historical issue where one family member makes more than one appearance in the tree. In this case it’s not an incestuous issue, but one in which two members of one family married two members of another. Will there be a way to resolve issues like this?

  • Atle

    Translations to other languages would be nice. I invited a relative yesterday, who knows much about the family. But he doesnt know english, and couldnt help. Its mostly the oldest who knows most about the family, but in non-english speaken countries, the older generation seldom know english.

  • Bob

    Morning from Vienna, Austria!
    I have two more suggestions:
    1. it would be great if you could indicate if you dont know one´s persons first name, name or sex. Reason for this: I interviewed my grandmother yesterday and she couldnt remember every detail but “he had a brother, but I dont know his first name” or “there were two other children, but I dont know anything further”. As a workaround for missing first or second name, I put an X in the field, because it is mandatory – not a very “beautiful solution”, a checkbox “unknown” would be better. More problematic is unknown sex: I had an aunt with 13(!) brothers and sisters – as I dont know which sex they were, I had to leave them in order to not make false entries.
    2. Comment-Function on this blog: it would be great, if the email-field here is not mandatory – I dont like to give my email here, because everyone can read it and it is not spam-protected.
    Please write answers to robert(a)
    Thanx & keep on the good work!

  • Ben

    Also wondering how your name is prononced. It’d be cool if you had a link to the major search engines for the persons name. Also if an entery in wikipedia exists for them link to that as well. When searching on wikipedia it may not also find the person if you include there middle name.

  • Alex

    Please add another vote for export to GEDCOM,

  • Alex

    When you add a spouse to a family member it seems to create the “+2″ tree icon even though no family infomation has been added for that individual. I think it would be better if the tree icon was only displayed where family infomation has actually been entered.

  • Fred

    Hi all, great website that i just discovered. I love the UI of the treeview.
    Just something that miss i think is the research by familly name.
    Well privacy is good in certain aspect of datas, but for dead people (that lived more than 100 years ago) the privacy is not really a good solution for someone who search people that live around 1800 or less years.
    So when i add someone that i known he is in the tree of my family i would also like to know if this personn is already in the database or not so by knowing his name or surname i could know better throw this website than searching/calling institutions to give me informations about this people (maybe someone with my name already do the search but i don’t know this person).
    So in case that this person is in the database i could add it to my tree and have access to theses parents if there are already entered (and for privacy reason protect descendents but well this kind of site is better when someone have access to all the database…)
    Another aspect that could be added : have the treeview in xhtml/javascript could be good because my computer can’t have flash installed (unix64bits) or at work i can’t install the flash plugin.
    Keep going this site will be very famous when it reach the sage of production !!!
    maybe the google of genealogie :)

  • Ben Guthro

    Performance problems for large trees:
    A relative of mine had traced family roots back 14 generations, or so – and another traced roots back to the Mayflower. This large amount of people in my tree seems to be causing some performance issues – either taking a very long time to draw the tree – or sometimes not drawing at all.

  • Mick

    Displaying maiden names in brackets in tree would be useful

  • crex

    Export to GEDCOM is a good idea.
    Customizing the design? Perhaps impossible with Flash …
    I haven’t yet tried Geni. Does it support Swedish language?
    Date format in Sweden: YYYY-MM-DD.

  • crex

    GEDCOM export meant primarily for backup …

  • António Soares

    I agree with Atle.
    Translations to other languages would be nice to have all family members (English spoken or not) involved.

  • Green

    Maiden names for husbands are missing and certainly needed.

  • joe

    one more suggestion on the interface: while I like how easy the yellow arrows make it to add another person to the tree, when the whole tree is littered with arrows it clutters up the interface. I think the arrows should be hidden by default, then fade in and out when you mouse over each node.

  • Geoff

    I am concerned about privacy issues.
    What is your mother’s maiden name is a common security question. Birthdate is also used.
    I don’t mind my direct family knowing this information, but what about distant in-laws that I do not know or never met?
    Please add more global features.
    For instance:
    1. Only allow direct descendant and ancestors access to personal data.
    2. Ability to hide ALL personal data to everyone. (Only show name and relationship.)
    There are probably other options, but there needs to be more privacy control.

  • Sunny

    I would like to second the request for listing specific fields as “Unknown” – including but not limited to, first name / last name / birthday / date of death / birthplace / current location /
    Thank you again for the frequent updates to your blog! I actually follow the site with a keen interest in seeing where this project goes.
    1. I would like to make the following request – Colapsable branches. This way, I could minimize the number of individuals displayed at anyone time, from direct ancestors to the entire tree. (Previous generations of my family had multiple children – in somecases 8. I don’t want all 8 of my grandparents brothers and sisters visible. It makes editing far more tedious)
    2. Requesting “Reason Behind Death” feature. With this information, it would make it far easier to track genetic diseases through our tree. It would be even more convenient to have the indivudals who act as carriers for a specific disease to show up highlighted – that way allowing us some insight into our family health
    3. Please add more degree’s to the list of graduate degrees. These include MD and DO

  • Cody

    a lot of people have been talking about export to GEDCOM, but no one has said a thing about importing from GEDCOM. i really don’t want to type in 15 generations of relatives all over again

  • Suzi

    Just a quick comment. If someone is adopted they may want to list two sets of parents. I don’t see how that can be done at the moment.

  • Bill

    Navigation: Connect the mouse scroll wheel to the zoom function (i.e. Google Maps).

  • David

    I’d like to second the call for cross-referencing across family trees. Something as simple as name checking (soundex would be better), perhaps with a second check on birthdate and ancestors (John Smith’s father is Jebediah Jones on these two trees – perhaps they match?). Of course, for privacy reasons people might not want trees to be seen too easily, but something as simple as a color coded image showing branches that match would allow people to evaluate matches. Restricting the feature to, say, 50 years ago could be a privacy feature (optional, of course).
    Additionally, as an adoptee I would second the motion calling for the ability to add a second set of parents. I have a second family tree I could add, but it isn’t possible under the current system.
    Finally, in terms of money-making, I’m sure you’ve thought of it, but a professionally printed tree would be a great gift for people….

  • Adam Barrett

    Hey guys! This site is great, I am loving it.
    I was wondering about uploading from PAF? I have two HUGE trees I would love to upload into Geni for my family to work on. Thanks!
    Also is it possible to add islands? People we know are related, but don’t have specific/completed paths for

  • Daniel

    It would be nice if you could “lock on” to someone’s tree when you click “view tree”. That way when you view someone’s profile, it will tell you the relationship to the tree you locked on to instead of your own relationship.
    This would be helpful for instance to find the relationship between my daughter (who is too young to have an account) and my cousin’s children (also too young to have accounts).
    The current view stops showing tree information at my aunts and uncles when viewing my daughter’s tree. It would be nice to be able to have the entire tree visible.

  • Eric T.

    My suggestions:
    Gedcom export for sure
    Printing support (which you list as you are working on)
    Add a field for marriage date/location, this helps track family migrations
    Like someone else mentioned, I have a near 200 person tree now and with all them displayed it sometimes takes a large amount of time to draw or just gives up drawing… so perhaps a customizable threshold for persons displayed (this will help with the printing as well, because for a comprehensive print you might want everyone shown)
    Thanks for the GREAT site and continued work!

  • edelwater

    Now I have been using it for a couple of days I also run into the same issue as mentioned above (I think it happens to everyone after some time :)): I am very curious when someone of my family enters some new stuff.
    In the future this could be a nice RSS whatever feed with multiple logging options but for now ANY workaround would be appreciated.
    Maybe a simple server-side page with a db query in it (at least if a field exists “last mutation on ”
    and then a “select * from profiles where mutationdate < date_last_week" without any markup. Maybe dont even link it from the gui itself just to let it be a workaround with little effort. I can figure out myself which ones i changed and which ones i didnt change myself. I think creating such a page is "very low effort" but obviously it has to be secure so the Is_user_logged_in check should be included. Anywayz, great site! cogmios

  • David Gómez-Rosado

    I think the Blog is a great idea for users helping each other…. But a Wiki or forum would be better for managing multiple queries and performing searches.
    I have a question for example… Lets say a relative of mine starts a Geni account and starts filling out common family members, while I do the same on my end… If we invite each other: Do our respective trees merge? What happens to duplicates? Thanks.

  • Raj Rao

    It would be great if there we some way to see the email id of everyone on my tree.
    It seems to me that Geni would be a great tool for me to keep in touch with all my relatives, keeping them posted about my latest news.
    Ability to print the tree would be great.
    Finally, image thumbnails dont seem to get properly cropped. WOuld be nice if we could crop them on your site.

  • Justin

    I’d love to start using this service but every time I have logged in the only thing I get is a blank tree page and a profile page that says:
    “We are experiencing technical difficulties.”
    I’d like to know if it’s something wrong with just my account of if this is a systemic problem? It’d be nice if you posted information about problems like this more frequently on this blog or you started a forum where you could post more regularly on the status of the system. Thanks!

  • Eric Rosenberg

    What a great site! My tree already has almost 700 people in it and 5 active contributors. I did notice a small bug, however. Clicking on the profile of a person with both biological and “step” children shows the person as, for example, “Stepmother of Eric and Edward and Christina” rather than separating the step-children from the biological children.

  • edelwater

    HOLD ON! Im advancing my skills in the LIST view and see i can get along with that one. I can see who recently joined and who was recently added, perfect!
    Sorry… at least it will make me an experience user lol!

  • edelwater

    I am still not able to delete certain persons. This is someone from around 1650 which i named “delete delete”
    This DELETE person has no other strings attached but a marriage to “henry”.
    Probably I am doing something wrong, anyone has a clue?

  • xatlasm

    There seems to be an issue with deleting spouses. Maybe it’s because you cannot delete family members who have connections to them, i.e. parents of children, but the system does not allow a deletion of spouses because they are connected on the same “generation”. Does that make any sense?

  • Bob

    One suggestions: the profile info “Schools” is very American: Elementary School, High School, College/University, Graduate Education
    In Austria for example, we have Volksschule, Hauptschule/Gymnasium, HAK/HTL/HBLA…, Universität/Fachhochschule/Colleg… It would be great if you could manually edit and add school types you visited.

  • edelwater

    I now tried to rearrange all children under the “deleted deleted” then rename “deleted deleted” to the correct name and THEN renaming the other node to “deleted deleted”, now i have the node with the “x” in it (see picture) but if I click on the “x” and then “ok” on the dialog nothing happens, it does not get deleted.
    Hmmm… is there something I should do?

  • edelwater
  • Alex

    I would like to be able to email other members of my family tree. At a minimum recently joined and the descendants of any specific member of the tree would be a great start.

  • Herbacha / J’ai envie

    I’m Herbacha from France.
    First I’d like to congratulate you for this amazing service !
    1. Design. As far as I’m concerned, I think the design is OK and should remain as it is, because it’s easier to understand, to appropriate and it’s quick and efficient.
    2. A RSS/ATOM notification for newly added people would be great.
    3. Schools. Bob pointed out something really important there : the same scholar system is different from place to place.
    E.g., in France it goes like this :
    - Elementary School similar to École primaire;
    - High School divided into «Collège» and «Lycée»;
    - and then the University.
    There are european norms for our universities.
    4. Province/States. Those informations depends of the splitting of countries. Still about the exemple of France, the country is divided in «régions», themselves divided in «départements» (which can be sumed up to a number). I put the «région» name in this field but I’m sure other french user have written the «département».
    5. Languages. I think it’ll be great and useful to have Geni available in other languages, even if the site is easy to understand itself (my parents who don’t speak English fluently managed to do a lot of stuff). Plus, adding other languages will help for disambi
    If I can be helpful (for French translations), mail me, I’ll be happy to contribuate !
    6. Height. I’d like the possibility to choose between using metric or imperial system (with a automatic conversion).
    Great job you’ve done here, and I’ll keep spreading the buzz !

  • Randy

    Most family trees display married womens’ maiden names. It would be nice if there were an option to display married women’s maiden names in the tree instead of their married names.
    It would also be nice to be able to display people in the tree by middle or nick names that they are better known by.

  • Jean ANCEY

    I agree with many requests of the users. It seems you don’t known the base of the genealogy. It will be great if you take as model “Family/search Personal Ancestral File”
    1- A language choice is needed
    2- We need a backup possibility as GEDCOM which is the world standard.
    3- To fill the fields- Town, State/region, Country, a rolling menu with registry of the history of the entry is better than your system.
    4- Add the weeding date.
    5- Add a good feature to delete a false record.
    6- Accept an import to the database with GEDCOM.
    7- Upgrade the possibility to add members of the family in “List” mode.
    8- I entered allready near 400 members of my family, and it’s very difficult to show the family in “Tree” mode. for some branch of my family, it’s impossible. And i’ll must add 2000 entries . I believe than the “Flash interface” Is not very appropriate for this work.
    And many other requests.
    I beg your pardon for my English.

  • Noah Bulgaria

    This is looking like a wonderful site.
    Some suggestions:
    -Add some fun stats like most popular name for your family, etc.
    -Maiden names.
    -Improve the load time.
    Thanks for the service!

  • Rob Tarr

    I’d like to see a distinction made between “former” spouse and “late” spouse. My late father shows in the list view as my mother’s “former husband”, which to me, implies divorce (I know that’s a different setting).
    In the list view, if the same first name is used in more than one place, the Family column should include full names, so you know which person is being referred to.
    Bug – List view is always in reference to me, even when I came there from someone else’s tree, and that person is listed at the top, as being their family list. What I mean is that the Relation column is still MY relation to those people.
    I’d love an easier way to sort birth order of siblings (a window that shows all siblings, and you can drag/drop them to sort them however you wish). Also, if birth dates are entered, perhaps that should override birth order settings.
    In general, while the Edit Info window that comes up is well laid out, if you want to edit lots of people one after another, it is rather difficult – a grid type of interface where I could enter lots of birthdates at once, or other info contained in the user info, would be nice.
    Also, I’d like to second the idea of an RSS feed for my tree. New users on the tree, and major edits (new people), though an RSS feed detailing every change made would be probably too much work.
    I can see why spouses automatically get the +2 tree-pivot, but since those appear by default, should tree-pivots with actual DATA behind it, besides the parent placeholders, get a more significant looking icon? Just a larger tree?

  • Rob Tarr

    Oh yeah, one more thing…
    What about a tie-in with Google Maps (Google Earth even?) if you have location information for your family, you could see your tree on the map. At first, I guess it could just show everyone’s locations, but I could even see a different kind of tree where the lines between parents/children are actually lines between their locations on the map!
    (Then, sometime in the future, you could have every entry include ALL locations lived, along with dates moved, so you could also show someone’s personal movement)
    (Then, beyond that, think about the time-layer in Google Earth – think about a time-dependent, map-based tree view, where you see people move from one location to another, and children appear, the deceased disappear, all at the appropriate point in time)

  • Robbie Coleman

    Looks like y’all opened the flood gates to user suggestions.
    I Love the site/concept/interface and support thus far. THANKS!
    I was wondering if it would be possible to manage the address book that I imported from Gmail.

  • damon billian

    “What about a tie-in with Google Maps (Google Earth even?)”
    I personally think that it is a cool suggestion! Do we always want to know where our family members are? ;-) I know that I don’t want to know where some folks are…

  • Bob

    First – thanks Herbacha – for support my request for different school types.
    Two more suggestions:
    1. Until there are more languages available, it would be great if you could edit the text of the invitation email. So you can manually translate the invitation text. So far, I have to send a second email to my relatives, who are not good in english.
    2. Tell us more about people working at How many are there? What are they doing? What can user do to support them? What are your strategic goals? Are you planning premium services – respectively what is your business model? Can we expect your site to remain free (at least basic functions?)
    Greetings from Vienna, Austria

  • Gary Rowe

    The delete a person rule still needs some serious work. I read in the blog that you can not delete a person that has another person connected to them, or below them in the tree. That makes sence. But what if the people below that person are connected to other people etc which would still allow them to be connected to the tree. I think the only way to make the delete rule work is allow people to delete who they want freely.

  • Bob

    Hope, I dont get annoying ;-), because I have one more suggestion:
    I appreciate the initiative “users helping each other”, but I think, your Weblog is not the right system to do so. If I worked at, I would do the following:
    1. set up a forum (e.g. phpbb) at with the following sub-forums: support, bug reports, feature requests, other issues etc.
    2. use for official news only, not for support and feature requests.
    Problem is, that you have two systems to maintain. I know other projects, who are only using a forum: they mostly have a sub-forum “news”, where they post news about the site.
    Keep on the good work!

  • Dave

    I’d like to second this comment:
    “I’d like to see a distinction made between “former” spouse and “late” spouse. My late father shows in the list view as my mother’s “former husband”, which to me, implies divorce (I know that’s a different setting).”
    I’d also second the idea of a user forum instead of a blog.
    I can’t find a way to edit relationships either – I added two husbands to one woman, and the wrong one is listed as “former husband” and I can’t find a way to change that.
    This is a great site, and I’m having a lot of fun with it.

  • Kevin Harbin

    I want to second (third?) the request for a way to interconnect people who show up twice in a tree.
    ex: a mother/daugter combination mary’s a father/son combination. I don’t see a way to keep the mother connected correctly to both.

  • Martin

    Yes, definately need an EXPORT FUNCTION. Otherwise .. congrates to a great site.

  • Dan

    The pedigree navigation reminds me of the pedigree viewer at It has a lot of nice features and their zoom seems to be smoother. Might be worth taking a look for some ideas.

  • Randy

    Well, I believe I’ve figured out how many relatives you can add before your tree will stop loading. It’s 200-250ish.
    I hope the server is a bit overloaded right now and will bounce back, but if it doesn’t – any idea when this might be remedied?

  • Kevin Oliver

    I love the idea behind this product, but my tree with 100 or so persons will not load/display when I go in to take a look or edit it. Thus, I see no reason to “invite others” to participate in this co-authoring environment until the product is improved. The servers running this sucker need a major upgrade in memory/speed, or this thing is going to die in the water. It’s all about the speed and reducing user frustrations… should be your number one improvement, even before all the advanced features you’re planning, or you may never get there.

  • Catherine Rodgers

    I second (third? fourth?) the move to have a forum or other threaded discussion area. High-volume blog comments just don’t work.
    I’m watching the Google Groups group at to see if people join there.

  • Alex

    Yep, performance is becoming a real problem. That has to be addressed or Geni runs the risk of being crushed by its own success. Love the site, hope you are able to get that one resolved quickly.

  • Peder

    First i like to second the suggestions for export and import to and from GEDCOM, mainly for backup. Other than that, I would like the ability to add a date/location to both marriage and divorce. Other kinds of partnership besides marriage, like co-habitees and such.
    I also need to add some children which were born out of marriage, where one of the parents isn’t known. The ability to add adopted or foster children or otherwise children with more than one pair of parents (biological pluss one or more other pairs).
    THe ability to relate two persons already in the tree in some way. One of the persons in my three married one sister, and then another one after the first one died. One persons sister (i assume) married the brother of his wife (brother and sister from one family branch married with brother and sister from other family branch).
    Name changes, some persons changes their name, and thus, the ability to record such an event with a date would be great.
    As others has noted, some family members are known by nicknames more than their given name, and the ability to select such a name to be displayed instead of the given name in both list and three would be nice.
    Displaying maiden name instead of/in addition to the name taken after marriage would be nice.
    Recording of general events, like among other things moving, major illnesses…
    Maybe the possibility to add reason for death, like among other tings old age, illness, childbirth, accidents.
    One thing that annoys me, the auto-parents that gets added to spouses.

  • Alex

    I associated the wrong email address with an entry and now I can’t update or delete that email address.
    Unfortunately the email address I did use belongs to another family member and I can’t send an invitation to him for the proper entry.
    Please provide the ability to update or delete email addresses.

  • GD

    My tree, for a few days now, whenever I login says
    undefined’s tree: 0 people
    The list shows the right people, but the tree does not. Is this a bug or did I do something to get into this state?
    Also, how do I delete somebody from the list view?

  • Paul Horne

    Making delete more functional would address a lot of the current bugs. I still can’t delete my niece who has the wrong parents — she’s never logged in, she has no siblings, spouses, or children, but I can’t delete her. Forget the whole ‘X’ thing showing up on the trees — the delete function should be a really clear button on the EDIT INFO tabs. Just like you’re changing a name or adding an email.

  • Jeff

    Freaking Delete allright already – Jeez. Can we just get the x on everything? I mean, we’re all adults right? If you don’t know what you’re doing you shouldn’t be using a computer…

  • Paul Horne

    Did something happen tonight? I lost about 6 new profiles I entered a few hours ago… I’m wondering if there was some data loss and if so, will we need to re-enter it or are you working to bring something back online?

  • Johan

    I associated the wrong email address with an entry and now I can’t update or delete that email address.
    Unfortunately the email address I did use belongs to another family member and I can’t send an invitation to him for the proper entry.
    Please provide the ability to update or delete email addresses.
    I am having the exact same problem, please help!

  • Bob

    Morning everybody (at least here in Europe ;-)
    Here is my daily suggestion :-):
    I thought about privacy issues as my family tree is getting bigger and bigger (currrently about 700 persons). At some point I will be not so sure if I want everybody to have my emailadress. On the other hand, I would like everyone to be able to contact me. So I suggest the following enhancement:
    currently you have the possibility to hide your emailadress in the profile. Disadvantage is, that another person in your tree cant contact you anymore. How about providing a form-field “Contacting XY”, which doesnt show the emailadress, but forwards the message to recipient over I think this would help to win over people, who are still hestitate to join.

  • William

    I know the laundry list of things to do is ever growing. Keep up the good work!
    Adoption needs to be addressed.
    I’ll be patient, this is an interface my Grandmother can use. You have a winner here.
    What happens when merged trees become so large that the site slogan ‘everyone’s related’ becomes partly true. What of privacy issues then? That is really my only major concern.

  • ancey jean

    Since one week now, it is impossible to me to access by graphic interface to my family tree.
    When do you upgrade your bandwidth, i believe is the most urgent. It seems a lot of people do not access normally to your site.
    If it is not possible now, could you implement the possibility to add a member by the family list.

  • Matteo

    It’s so frustrating that the coolest thing I’ve seen on the web in ages is now totally unuseable. I’ve not been able to get my tree to load for over a week. In a flurry of excitement a number of members of my family got busy with this and had begun evangelising to the rest of the family and now nobody can get in to view it. Problem is (especially with older relatives) you get ONE chance when the window of interest is open… if it doesn’t work they simply give up.
    please please PLEASE sort our the server issues soon!

  • Alex

    An entire branch with at least 30 people in it appears to have disappeared overnight (North America). I am also getting an “Application error (Rails)” when I try to go into list view. Please help!
    Also due to the (excellent) viral nature of this application I understand that it can be very hard to keep up with demand for now. You may want to consider closing the beta until you get some of the most pressing service and feature requests resolved. I am thrilled that nine family members have joined in the debelopment of our family tree in just two days but we can easily lose that early enthuiasm to frustration caused by poor performance, lost data and functionality concerns.
    Love the service and I hope you are able to get things running smoothly soon.

  • Phil

    How about a way to indicate that siblings are multiples (twins, triplets, etc.)? This could be a good way to track the occurrence of multiples in a family.
    Also — how about a field for a adding a nickname. Many people are known by their nicknames but their real name is something else.

  • Danny

    Phil, there is a field for nicknames. Look on the about tab of the Edit Profile page.
    Am I the only one that lost a bunch of the info that I put in yesterday?

  • Christopher Harley

    Users who are experiencing problems about deleting should first look to see if the parents of the subject can be changed to correct the relatives position on the tree. This may be the only fix that is needed. To do so, edit the information under “basic” in the profile and look for the drop-down menu at the bottom of the window. Choose another set of parents and the profile will migrate to the other limb of the tree.
    Those that are having problems with the overall function of the site should consider the future upside of these initial growing pains. GENi will scale and when they do they will have a amazingly viral social network to market. I’ve been discussing with several family members how great this service is because we can monitor, very easily, what sort of information we are willing to share with one another. It’s agreed that younger family members will benefit immensely by the comments feature in each profile. We’re already starting to go around and exchange memories and stimulate further discussion among family members.
    It’s true that these initial speed bumps will discourage some members from continuing. The best way to remedy that may be to build up his or her profile by inserting pictures, leaving comments, listing memorable quotes, and describing their favorite pastimes. That way, when the site is more stable and robust, you can remind them to take another look at the family tree and add their own personal touch.
    It should be remembered that this is now just one week into the beta phase of this project. I predict that within the next six months you’ll be embedding video from YouTube, chatting within the tree, using tools to organize reunions, posting a structure to solicit charitable donations and creating scholarship funds for youngsters.
    Now I may be overly optimistic but I will tell you this; if the creators walked away from this gold mine without first giving it a good run, it would be hailed as the biggest failure of a developing social network at anytime since the advent of Web2.0. Hands down, people who are reluctant about creating and maintaining a web presence, left open to the rest of the world, will feel much more confident if they are able to do so amid their own family members. That’s why this has to become a sort of MySpace for families. Once inside, with all the necessary security measures in place, I’m more than willing to have them market to me any third-party services they can amass just as long as the core service remains free of charge.

  • Todd

    My whole tree went missing! All I see is “Undefined’s Tree”. Is there something wrong on the server backend?

  • AlexM

    It looks like some recent nodes on our tree went missing – all nodes on one branch. As there is no auditing feature, there is no way to know if someone of members did it or it is server error. We really hope for the latter. Also, when I try to access List view of the tree, I see just this message:
    Application error (Rails)

  • Randy

    In addition to the various errors (Application Error (Rails) for just about everything) and tree failing to load, I’ve had the same experience some other users have mentioned, with large chunks of my tree disappearing.
    It’d be nice to hear from the Geni staff about what the problems are and what we can look forward to. I hope that the recent raft of issues won’t spoil this marvelous launch that geni has had.

  • RLH

    I too, would like to see an indication for multiple (I have triplets!). First, buggy behavior on multiples needs to be fixed; once you enter the birthdate for the triplets they are displayed in a random order (that changes over time). There is no way to have Geni honor the Birth Order field at all.
    Also, long names display poorly (truncating and wrapping badly). You either need to allow the box to expand somewhat or scale the font to fit.
    Why isn’t there a way to globally turn off the email address field on the Tree? It takes up way too much room and I’m not going to try to invite some fourth cousin (but I *would* like to see their whole name!).
    I won’t repeat the many other good suggestions above, but I sure would like some way of voting for things I like (and Geni could then prioritize efforts based on popularity).

  • Geni Team

    Kevin and Randy: We apologize for the problems you had with your trees. We went to check them out after making some changes on our end and they seem to be working just fine. We want to make Geni a home for families with thousands of people in their family tree, so please let us know if you have any more problems.

  • Jerry Case

    I have two suggestions:
    1)For interoperability with other genealogical software, the primary (displayed) name of females in the file should be their maiden names.
    2)Because of identity theft considerations, no personal information on living individuals should be available to anyone other than the person entering the information. For the same reason, any person entered should be assumed to be living unless it is stated that they are deceased or a death date is given.

  • KMG

    It goes without saying that privacy is a big concern (that’s why I’m not putting my real name or email here). I’ve realized too late that a large tree means that very distant shirt-tail relatives I don’t know have access to personal information. Some of my family members are starting to voice that same concern, including those that are’t particularly tech-savvy. As trees grow and merge, that will become a more serious concern for all users. Some of that data can be deleted or hidden, but not my mother’s maiden name (often a security question for recovering lost passwords). Of course, I can delete the data in my mother’s “maiden name” field, but all one has to do is look at her father’s record to determine her maiden name.
    In desktop genealogy software, it’s common to automatically suppress living people from public postings. For, it would protect privacy much more if it were able to hide living people in some way. Perhaps users more than X “hops” away from a given living person would not be able to see that person. Perhaps the number of hops could be configurable per living person, from allowing nobody except themselves, to allowing everyone within their tree.
    Because living people actively collaborate to edit their tree in, the use cases definitely need to be carefully considered. However, failing to address this appropriately could open up users to serious security concerns in the future.

  • Ana

    The invitations I sent recently were not received (possible went into a spam folder and were deleted) and there seems to be no way to send an invitation to the same person twice. Is there a way to do this? If not it would be nice to have this feature, maybe with a warning that the person has already been invited. Great site! Look forward to inviting more family soon.

  • Linda

    I love the website and the idea is wonderful. However tonight I can’t access my tree view to add more members. The list view and profile is working fine. Please fix the tree view I have 3 cousins interested and starting to add info, but I’m afraid I’ll lose them if the site isn’t working well.
    This site has great possibilities and I want to see it grow and develop. Super job so far.

  • Mansoor

    Chat: If multiple people from the same tree are logged on at the same time allow indication to show as well as chat so as to enable cooperative collaboration as well as easy communication.

  • Bob

    Regarding the potential spam issue of this weblog (robots catching emailadresses from comments): I know about two wordpress-plugins, which solve this problem:
    EmailShroud 2.0
    Email Immunizer
    Perhaps you could install one of those two plugins.

  • Reid Hochstedler

    Anyone else notice that when you add a second cousin on your dads side it will say Fathers first cousin once removed, instead of second cousin.

  • Klaus

    Congratulations, Geni is very powerfull tool. I saw in the blog that there comes a Geddoc import/export function. What’s about other languages? I live in Germany and some of the people i like to invite only speak german. So please think about a multi language version. Perhaps some of us could help with translation. Please let me know if i could help. Thank’s
    Regards, Klaus

  • Reid Hochstedler

    Is there a way to include a maiden name for a male? Like a man who took his wife’s name or a couple who combined last names?

  • Geoff P

    I’m not sure if this has been suggested, but perhaps add a link in the FAQ to “proper family tree protocol”
    For example when I enter a person is it there current name, or ‘maiden’ name that is important? Are there conventions that I a genealogist would know? Are the trees aligned patriotically? Or other interesting information about family trees and genealogy.

  • Melissa Edwards

    I congratualate you on the user interface. It is so simple and easy to use.
    I would love to see a print or download to PDF function so that I could share my tree with my less technically inclined family members.
    Also fix the trucation of the names please!

  • ack

    I also would love to have a way to use someone’s middle name. I have a few family members that do this.
    Long last names also seem to be cut off. Granted, some of my family has 11 letters in their last names, only the first 8 show and a dot “.” is added.

  • Jon

    Hi, I have two distant cousins who are married to each other. It would be good if you could incorporate a way to represent this.

  • Jonathan

    I’d love to be able to email all the people on my tree, or maybe even have a messaging UI where I can pick people from the list.
    That way I can encourage people to log in, upload pictures, etc.
    I think with each family there will always be a couple of people who are active in building the tree, and making it easy for them to “motivate” the rest of the family would be great.

  • Rommel

    This may not be on everybody’s list, because of privacy and such. I’m just wondering, will you be developing any API, XML feeds or other features that will integrate nicely into blogs?
    Congrats and great work on this! Look forward to future developments!

  • ancey jean

    Some members of my family, date back a very long time. In this period, the date was not very exact, and in the old documents, i find
    Born before 1822, or after 1789, or between 1759 and 1762, or may be in 1721, or estimate 1650. But you set the date as an integer i believe, could you add a sign for that.

  • dave

    i think you should have a link to a map (preferably google map) that has everyone (who has locations) on your tree. to see how far spread out the family is. and where everyone is located.
    just seems like a simple, interesting addition.

  • bree

    - Integration with Flickr photos (perhaps the option to import by tag? I’ve tagged most of my rellies in Flickr)
    - Alerts/updates of additions to the tree
    - Family discussion forums/central pages
    - Autodiscovery & prompt to merge family trees should the same person (based on names, birth dates, parents, or other metrics) appear in two or more family trees
    - Ability to import RSS from blogs into profiles
    - A way to show parentage without assuming marriage or ongoing partnership
    - The ability to zoom out to get the full effect of your family tree
    - Mapping (perhaps pulling in Flickr photos that relate to a geographical location)
    - Historical/place info wiki: could use wikipedia or another service
    - Option to share research/generic profile info with others who have similar last names in their trees (i.e. see other McNabbs / could you be related to …)

  • bree

    I forgot to add one more thing – support for adding more than one elementary & high school. The ‘add new’ button for school should perhaps prompt the user to select from a drop-down (and perhaps one option could be ‘other’ for schools that are not represented already?)

  • Jörg Weisner

    You should include a search function into this blog.
    It might be a great help, but to scroll through all the comments, just to find one little answer, doesn’t make much sense

  • sam tsang

    great job guys! a few suggestions: a email system that i can email everyone in my clan about events. also a messageboard would be nice.
    How about a family tree printing service?
    grey color for deceased family members

  • mike

    In the favorites section, can you add an area for “favorite websites?”
    BTW, I love this website!

  • Paul Horne

    I also have invited many family members who have never logged in — even the most tech savvy ones. I’m assuming they never received the invite, but there’s no way to follow up. There should be a SEND REMINDER TO JOIN option.
    Alternatively, I’d like to just send a regular email to everyone, that’s not from within the system, to ensure they receive it and it doesn’t go to SPAM folder or whatever. But if I just invite a family member to join by going to, and I’ve already put their name and email into the system, will it link them up correctly when they input their email again to join? Or will it create a new tree for them? How can I make sure that they link to me and my tree?
    This seems to be a recurring problem with other people, and it’s one of those things that halts the exponential growth part of geni.

  • Richard

    I would like to see an option, perhaps in the photographs section, to allow us to store scanned birth certificates? I realise they are the same as photos, but perhaps they could be marked up different?

  • Trevor

    Here’s a few more ideas:
    - as mentioned numerous times, maiden names should be visible from the top level of the tree.
    - related to this somewhat, when mousing-over a person’s name or ‘edit info’ links on the tree, perhaps it would be useful if that person’s FULL name was displayed as the popup (open/edit Jane Mary Doe’s (nee Smith) profile instead of just Jane Doe’s)
    - if someone is non-living, the default when adding any earlier generations along that line should be non-living as well (98% of the time this will be true…untimely deaths of offspring will be the exception). This would save a few clicks/time.
    Great site and thanks!

  • ancey jean

    When i connect me on the site, with Firefox, or IE 7, the same problem (for me),
    if i show the blog, or the list of my family, my CPU is loaded under 10%. When i show my family by the tree, my CPU is loaded between 80% and 100%. What about the others users ????

  • Steve Eller

    Suggestion: You may want to try using the Flickr API to make it possible to add photos to a profile via a user’s flickr account.

  • xatlasm

    I have a somewhat unique situation.
    I discovered that a relative married the sister of his wife after his wife passed away. Is there any way to show a marriage to two people in the family line?

  • KMG

    +1 to being able to add people to the tree “out of sequence”. For example, a living part of my tree has 2 sisters from 1 family who each married one of 2 brothers from another family. In essence, one sister married someone who was already part of her family. As we go back further in our history, we see that happened even more often. For example, Franklin Delano Roosevelt is in my tree, and he married a family member (Eleanor was a distant cousin). It’s painful to not be able to represent those relationships. For now, I’m just not entering those people, which leaves a big gap.
    My suggestion would be to provide an interface for us to “choose” a person’s parents from those already in the tree, instead of having to add them as new records. I think that alone would solve this type of problem. We would probably need something similar to be able to specify adoptive vs. biological parents, which is also important.

  • Laura

    Many of my family go by their middle names, so it would be nice if there could be an option where their middle name is what is displayed above their photo on the tree. Perhaps on the initial date input screen, there could be an extra space for middle name and a checkbox or something.

  • Roberto Cusicanqui

    Regarding the question about if Geni will come in other languages. If you don’t use a resource file for all the words that is used in Geni then my suggestion is that you put them in such a file, where all the words and sentences is stored that you use. Then you could start a “wiki” web page with those words and ask us (all Geni users) to translate the words and sentences to our own languages, and since it is a “wiki”, we will be able to edit it. This would be an effective way to make Geni work in a lot of languages in the long run. Or if you want it translated only to Swedish, you could hire me ;)
    /Roberto C

  • LindaM

    I love the site! Have had sevral cousins join and add info. But a few who joined and didn’t add anything other than names. Can you show us what the invite message says? Could the message explain to those who are not Genealogy savvy to click “edit info” and at least enter dates of birth, death, and places of birth/death? Please, Please, Please add a couple of fields to add date and place of marriage. Marriage records are online in many states and provinces and this would help those of us who are serious researchers. Thank you for this site, it’s great!

  • Slavka

    it would be great to have to have birthday and anniversary reminders (in an email form)

  • LorriM

    I agree with the Privacy factor. In this day and age, when identity theft is a major issue, there has to be some other means of protecting one’s privacy.
    Mother’s maiden name, for instance, is a frequently asked security question. On here, even if we don’t input that data, one just has to look at the father’s surname, and so on, to see what the maiden name is.
    And, in “Immediate Family”, it shows my ex-husband, who is the father of my children. But, he is, in actuality, not my immediate family, but is our children’s immediate family. He and his current wife, are privvy to my information, which I feel is not really their business to know, as I also feel that knowing their private information is not my business. There needs to be a way to resolve that issue.
    Living people’s privacy needs to be protected, somehow.
    This is not a complaint…I love this site…it is just my thoughts and suggestions.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Marcel

    Great site. Our family is all adding to the tree.
    One question. I have two children from my first wife, and one from my second. So the last one is showing as third now, but it is the first for my current wife. How can I do this?

  • Tony

    Again, I have to compliment you on a fine and fun product, here. Having used it for a few more days (and a few hundred more relatives), I have a couple more “votes.”
    (A) I want to second Randy’s request above that we have a way to link families at more than one point. I have run into that same situation in our ancestry.
    (B) Because of this “family circle,” I have a person in one sub-tree whose parents are already in another branch of the family. We need some way to link existing people (parent-child, marriage, etc.) without creating duplicates.
    (C) I haven’t yet found a place to record marriage dates. Since this is a common historical document used for tracing ancestry, I was surprised to find no place to store it. Is it there and I missed it?
    (D) Obviously, GEDCOM inport/export would be great.
    I believe that I have read that you are planning these updates/changes, but I wanted to put in my vote in case it helps you define your task priority. Thanks again for a great tool!

  • markbnj

    ok, besides foreign language support
    The following items will be real useful
    1) date of death/ divorce as optional fields
    2) support of alternate calendars
    Ie the Hebrew (lunar) calendar… every month has 30 days, some years havea leap month.
    mathematically calculated, over 4,000 years ago, with no real changes…
    using this would allow jewish people to put in their hebrew birth/death dates, and allow
    for changes there

  • markbnj

    ok, besides foreign language support
    The following items will be real useful
    1) date of death/ divorce as optional fields
    2) support of alternate calendars
    Ie the Hebrew (lunar) calendar… every month has 30 days, some years havea leap month.
    mathematically calculated, over 4,000 years ago, with no real changes…
    using this would allow jewish people to put in their hebrew birth/death dates, and allow
    for changes there

  • markbnj

    one more comment…
    Please make sure that your archives and web results ARE NOT robot.txt searchable..
    I really dont want my name showing up in a google search for me.

  • markbnj

    Again, privacy.
    Please make sure NOT accessible by search engines for living people..
    Also limiting what info can be viewed (x nodes away) does seem to make sense

  • Peter

    Great site!!
    How about some kind of a User Forum. That would make it a lot esier for users to exchange useful information and tips.

  • Patrick

    Include a feature that recognizes famous people in your tree based on name, birthdate/deathdate, etc.

  • Dan Goswick

    Add the ability to display a person’s first or middle name in the tree as some people go by their middle name and distant relatives may not realize who they are.
    Thanks! Awesome app!

  • Tom

    At the moment the site is working great for families, but the “Tell Your Friends” function is very poor. Any truly successful website should make it easy to invite your friends so it spreads – free viral marketing. A good way of doing this would be to invite friends from my account who can then view my family tree (although maybe not individual details) and I can see theirs. They wouldn’t show up directly on my family tree (obviously), but could be seen on my Profile page.
    Another question – obviously all my deceased previous generations never had email. Does the system include the ability to recognise commonality between ancient ancestors (by name, birthday and location)? It would be really interesting to see if distant relatives I’ve never heard of show up on the system.

  • Reno

    My family is realy enjoying the site.
    I have some suggestions to pass along.
    Captions/info for the pictures.-Location-Date
    Sort images
    Marriage Date, Divorce date
    Timeline view
    Google map integration
    Interment location
    Custom Invitations
    Notification of Geni users with simalar branches to aid in the tracking of lost family members that may be Geni members
    Merging of Geni trees
    Keep up the good work!

  • John Channing

    Building a tree is very quick and simple. That’s the good bit. Can I suggest a few views that would make understanding and navigating the trees easier:
    1) All new joiners to my tree as a list
    2) All new joiners highlighted with special colours or format in the tree view
    3) New connection via marriages
    4) A chronological view showing births, marriages and deaths
    5) Clearer display of these no longer alive

  • Walker Tree

    Just a note on big trees. I have 800+ and it sure drags … perhaps a way to collapse the view so that user isnt dragging around unneccesary entries.

  • Emiliano P. Glutnik

    I wish you had a place to add the person’s Jewish or religious name. Jews in the US and England often had an English name and a Jewish name. This is how we can track genealogy especially when visiting a gravesite and find the “daughter of….” or “son of….” on the stone.
    I wish you had a quick way OR any way of printing out all the data and especially the family tree in a tree format.
    Your site and the UI are very very good and I’m hoping will get better with time. I’m a happy user of Geni.

  • SNeves

    Hello, i’m new here.
    I start to ask sorry about my English
    How to configure and print my tree or part of it?

  • Elizabeth Treadaway

    1.)add Marriage date and place.
    2.)add Divorce date.
    3.)add an option to display nickname or middle name when viewing family tree.
    1.)Is there a way to print/order a complete/sectional printout of my family tree?

  • Rob

    I would like options to see the Date of Birth and Date of Death in the little squares in the tree view. This would give some sort of time relationship when viewing the tree.

  • Verneri Åberg

    First i have to say that this site is great and i do enjoy the simpleness of the UI. Nevertheless there is always room for imporvement, so i decided to write my suggestions in a quite a lengthy comment. So these are my collected ideas about improvement of the site. Some of them have been suggested before, but i’m listing them again to show my support for those suggestions:
    1) One should be able to choose the short form of the name shown in the family tree view. As some people use nick names or middle names this would be a great improvement
    2) There should be either only one very long string for all given names or then more fields as for example quite many modern day Finns have three given names instead of two. in some countries this might be even more. As some countries use altogether different way of naming people, this should be supported too. Also as i said in the first suggestion, some people use their second or third name as the calling or main name.
    3)As family name is actually quite new invention, there should be possibility to add someone without one. Patronyms were used quite often around Europe and some times these formed family names. Iceland still uses patronyms instead of family names. Russians seem to use both patronym and family name. So adding patronyms as a possible field in the name might be a good idea. Currently i’m adding a person without a family name and having a patronym with space character as the family name and adding a father with space as the family name. Another way to do this is of course adding a patronym as the last/family name, but what about systems where both are used (seems to be the case in 19th century Finland quite often and as i said still in Russia).
    4) Hierachy of the place names seems very locally (USA/Canada) constructed. As someone said this is very much dependent on the country. Here in Finland the places might have quite many levels of hierarchy. Currently i try to use the modern community name as city (which is quite confucing for rural communities) but as Finnish official communities have many villages that is one thing that might be recorded. Then again i don’t use the province at all as most of the time it doesn’t seem to be neccessary. Many old church documents even record the house of a person so that would add even one more level to the hierarchy. As the hierarchies seem to be quite complicated and dependent on the locale, a more dynamical way to choose the places would be great.
    4) Choosing of the countryname. As most of my family comes from one country it would be nice to be able to choose a default country to all persons i nmy family. It is quite tedious to always scroll to the correct country when adding places
    5) Countrynames and history. In some situations the list of country names seems to be too contemporary. For example a country named “Union of Soviet Socialist Republics” used to be a neightbouring country to my own until very recently. Then again just 100 years ago my country was an autonomical grand duchy and part of the Russian Empire and before that part of Kingdom of Sweden. Using country USA for French colonist in 17th century Louisiana seems quite far fetched. As quite a lot of my tree is from 19th century and earlier to me this seems to be a problem showing itself quite often. My Family tree has people from 17th century and at that time the name of countries was very different indeed. Although most finnish people, including me, might prefer using Finland as their ancestors country of birth, even though there wasn’t such an entity at the time, some might like to use the correct term for the time. As countries and their names change, a more dynamical approach to choose a name of a country should be used.
    6)Merging of the trees seems to me to be a very good idea for a feature. But as this seems to be already under work i’m not saying more on that.
    7) As quite many people have said format of the dates differs quite a lot around the world. So there should be some way to choose one that suits you.
    8)There should be support for other events than birth and death. Sometimes records only show something else for a person (baptism, burial, marriage etc).
    9) Unexact dates should be possible to be entered.
    10) As said earlier by lots of other people. There should be a way to have the same person appear on different branches of a the same tree, without making copies of the person.
    11) Order of descendants is clear as long as all kids have at least one parent in common. But often this is not the case. So there should be either a way to say the order of a child per parent, or the program should just calculate ordering from birthdates or something similar.

  • LindaM

    There isn’t a way right now to print your tree, other than to print the screen. You can open a blank document in Word. Then Click Contol and Print Screen together to capture the whole screen. Then click in your blank document and click Control and the letter V together. You will get the entire page in your document. Not pretty, but if you just want to refer back to it, you can.

  • Imants

    Good afternoon. I have some suggestions/comments that I don’t think I’ve seen other people make.
    * In my family, going back a few generations, some of the men had multiple simultaneous wives. Unless I’m missing something, there doesn’t seem to be a way of indicating that these wives were simultaneous and not sequential
    * Many of the names in my family were not originally written with western characters, so the names have been anglicized for the purposes of the tree. It would be nice if there were support to display the names in the native language and the anglicized version simultaneously
    * I think a neat feature would be to see who else from the family is logged in at the same time as you, and subsequently an option to chat with these logged in family members is offered.
    That’s what I can think of right now.
    I’m a huge fan of this project. I think it’s great!

  • Gerard

    I would appreciate to be able to leave a brief legend attached to each photo (for instance, to type down the date of the photo).

  • Johan

    Hi, thanks for your superb site.
    Some requests and suggestions:
    - Possibility to print out the whole tree view as well as parts of it would be nice.
    - Offsite backup/restore function of the whole tree. This would be a shield against accidential deletion (or those that are on purpose from certain tree-members). This I would want NOW!
    - Change logging; I would want to know who did which changes and when, also other statistics would be nice such as visitors a s o.
    - There should be some other color on those people that are dead to quickly identify them in the tree.
    - The site tends to be a bit slow to browse for those using 0.5 Mbit/s xDSL connections (and I have only 96 persons in my tree).
    - I can not delete some persons. It IS impossible somehow (cannot even see the “x”).
    - The site lacks some support for using a different browser then Internet Explorer. I use Firefox 2.0 and I miss the blinking caret in forms for one thing.

  • Nancy

    Need to be able to label photos with captions of who is in each photo.

  • Gray

    Didn’t know there was a blog till today so some of my questions have already been answered. I don’t understand why an option to print the entire tree was not the first thing built into the program. Almost worthless without that feature. Also agree with a previous post – to include birth and death years in the box with each name on the printed version. While the option to delete a box (person) has already been discussed, the simple ability to delete an error needs to be made easier. Slowly scrolling across a large database to find errors or make changes takes way too long.
    NOTE: I read the Wall Street Journal article which is how I learned about Geni. I hope your server is sturdy enough to handle the new users. I am finding making changes takes a long time. In addition, when does one use ‘apply’ versus ‘save’?

  • Gail

    It would be helpful if in the birth order column, there was an option for leaving it blank or stating “unknown.”

  • Tobias

    * GEDCOM-support – off course :)
    * “Maiden name” for male persons
    * Modification-log (who changed what)
    * Do not mark people as modified when saved with no change of data (it seems like people enter the edit-mode just to check the data and then hit the ‘save’ button instead of ‘close’, and the person then appears in the recently modified-list although there are no changes)
    * Back-up data and the option to roll back to an earlier version of the tree if you’ve got a black sheep in the family that suddenly one day starts to destroy the data collected (I’m afraid to add ex-partners until I’m sure there’s a backup)
    * Birthday alerts etc, either by a “on this day”-box when you log on to the site, or an optional email alert “Today is your exparthersgreatgrandmotherssecondcousintwiceremovedsoninlaws 242 years marriage anniversary” :)
    * Statistics (oldest/youngest person in tree, biggest family, largest blood-related branch, most common family-name/first name/birthday etc.)
    * Non-member searchable names and ability to contact “tree-moderator” to join the tree (eg. you could enter the name and birthdate of a relative and if there’s a match in any tree the site displays it along with the first names and birth-years of his/her mother and father. Then you can send a request to the moderator or to all tree-members specifying your relation and requesting to join).
    * Translations (your international users will be happy to help :)
    * A disclaimer giving the finger to people who complains about privacy issues – this is the internet age and information wants to be free :) You can run but you can not hide. Deal with it.

  • BruceK

    I have 2 pairs of siblings that got married, but it’s hard to link two ‘in-laws’ that are also husband/wife.
    It would be neat to be able to drag one person onto another graphically, and then choose the relationship (spouse, etc.).

  • Rich Gibson

    I have family-couples, who share an email address. Geni won’t let me associate the same address with two people…

  • Gerald

    Gedcom export
    Printing support
    I truly love the interface of this site, and after 2 days I am completely hooked.
    Thanks and Great Job!

  • Vicki

    I’ld like to know how to find other trees that might connect to mine.