Video of Geni’s RootsTech Presentation Now Available

Posted March 9, 2012 by Amanda | 2 Comments

Did you miss the live stream of Noah Tutak’s presentation at RootsTech? No problem! The video for his entire presentation is now available. Click the video below to watch “Privacy in a Collaborative Environment.”


When we work together on genealogy, we’re no longer are constrained to “My tree” or “Your tree.” Suddenly, we’re all working on “Our tree.” In this presentation, Noah Tutak, CEO of, will explain how to properly handle private and public data in a collaborative genealogical environment.

To take a closer look at the slides from this presentation, see our previous post – RootsTech 2012 – Privacy in a Collaborative Environment


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    Thanks for posting. Nice presentation.

    You said about:
    1. You said about lost data. After november I have data but I can’t add it to the tree. It is lost?
    2. Collaboration is very important – you said it few times. Yes is true but not this way. After November and march changes I have to ask my second cousin to collaborate and add my wife/children because I can’t. I also write to me uncle sister (she’s pro) to add some profiles to my tree because I can’t. It is collaboration?
    3. Charlemagne. After the changes I can’t even see his tree. How can I build World Family Tree without access?
    4. Benefits to using geni. I’m tree creator (XI 2007) and after 4 years my cousin who don’t add anything to our tree has more rights than me. He can add 100 profiles, I can’t.
    5. Easily connect. Look point 2 what I have to do to add my wife/children – It’s easy connect?
    6. Working together. How can we working together when we can’t merge profile? 
    7. Don’t limit access – look point 2. After changes limit’s are everywhere.
    8. Tutah – In Poland live 1863 person with name: “Tutah”. Most in powiat sanocki, stalowowolski, tarnobrzeski. I can write more numbers if you want .

    • geniblog


      1. You will not lose the data you have added to your family tree.
      2. Yes, collaboration is very important to building your family tree on Geni. You will want to invite your relatives to join so they can help you add more information and relatives. As more family members are invited and collaborate, your tree will grow even faster.
      3. Everyone has permission to view public profiles. You can see Charlemagne’s profile here:
      Please note using Geni’s search is a premium feature.
      4. People with basic (free) memberships may add up to 100 profiles. Since you have already reached that limit, you may upgrade to a premium account to add more nodes to your tree. As a new basic user, your cousin can add up to 100 profiles to the tree.
      5. If you have already reached your 100 profile limit, then you may either upgrade to a premium subscription, or ask a relative to add the profiles for you. 
      6. You can work together with your family to build your family tree. Joining a project is also a great way to work with other users who are researching the same subject. If you would like to merge, you can upgrade to a free trial of Pro.
      7. You still have access to all the data you have entered.