Welcome to the new version of the Geni Blog

Posted November 1, 2010 by Geni | No Comment

Today we launched an updated version of Geni’s blog.  While the blog has an updated look and feel, we have also been working hard behind the scenes to turn the blog into an entertaining and educational resource for the Genealogy community.

New Features

In addition to our highlighted profiles and general site announcements, we will be adding featured genealogy content to the blog every weekday.  Our goal is to grow our features over time and become one of the best resources on the web for genealogists of every fashion, from the novice and hobbyist genealogists to the well-known geneabloggers and the Curators on our site.  Here are some initial features that you can expect to find each week:

Monday Morning Recap – Each Monday we will recap the notable Genealogy news, blog posts, and Geni highlights from the previous week.

Family Tree Tuesday – We will highlight a profile-of-the-week, an interesting relationship, or something notable that we find in The Big Tree.

The Wednesday Guest –  Each Wednesday we will publish a guest-post or an interview with a notable member of the Genealogy community.

Genealogy Tips – A new Genealogy tip will be posted each Thursday.  These tips will range from very basic (how to get started on your research) to advanced (neat tricks you can use to Google for information that is otherwise difficult to find).

Ask a Curator – Early each week we will ask the community to submit questions that they’d like our Curators to answer.  During the week we will select a few of those questions and ask the Curators for answers.  Each Friday we will publish the questions and the Curator’s answers.

A large number of Geneabloggers have expressed their interest in contributing to the blog, so hopefully we’ll be able to highlight more content in the near future, too!

Updated URL
You’ll notice that the blog now resides at www.geni.com/blog instead of blog.geni.com.  All of your bookmarks and RSS feeds will still work; we’re redirecting the old blog post URLs to the new ones.  To stay up-to-date, please subscribe to the Geni blog with your RSS reader.  You can also follow the blog with the new Geni Blog project.

The State of Geni
On the first Monday of each month we will provide a community update.  As we approach some very significant milestones (50 million profiles in The Big Tree, and nearly 100 million profiles on Geni) we’ll keep the community informed of your progress.  We’ll also discuss large projects, features and enhancements that will continue to make Geni the best family tree site on the web.

In closing, we hope that you enjoy the new format of our blog.  Please feel free to send us your feedback via the Geni Blog project discussions.