What are People Tweeting About Geni?

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Geni has recently started using Twitter, a microblogging service, to keep current and potential Geni users up to date with the latest Geni news. In return, Twitter users are able to relay feedback to the Geni Team and other Twitter users. We have found that this communication tool has helped improve our relationship with Geni users who are also on Twitter. One recent and very positive Tweet (what updates on Twitter are called), was from Jason Calacanis,a successful and well known internet entrepreneur.

Here is what he had to say:

JasonCalacanis: my family is going www.GENI.com crazy.15 of them r uploading all kinds of photos+filling out trees. 1 of 10 best product in past five years


JasonCalacanis: My family is going crazy playing with www.Geni.com and it’s just such an amazing product. Timelines, photos and family tree are just amazing

We really appreciate Jason mentioning Geni and we are pleased to hear that he considers Geni 1 of the 10 best products in the past 5 years. More importantly, we are excited to hear that his family is enjoying the Geni product!

Here are some other recent tweets about Geni:

PaulDuxbury: @geni www.geni.com just keeps getting better – highly recommended product!

MurphyC: geni.com is addicting

phingers: I have to say I agree. www.geni.com is incredible, easy to use, intuitive, a true genius in web 2.0

macdup: @JasonCalacanis thanks for this link. My family is going crazy too. This is an awesome site. http://www.geni.com/

joegarraffo: Last plug for geni.com (I swear), but this site rocks. I’m really happy my kids will have this. Maybe as an upsell they’ll print and sell it

rosenkrieger: @JasonCalacanis thanks for the tip about geni.com I just started – its awesome!

acton: exploring Geni.com with my Dad and learning all about my Bohemian Great Grand Parents. Fascinating stuff

briancaldwell: Observation: only 2 of my family members use Facebook, but 11 others use Geni.com as a social network.

aidanmann: Writing to a cousin in the US who has added all the Maori side of the family in New Zealand to our geni.com family tree, it’s massive.

to_morrow: I’ve started building my family tree, its looking awesome. I’m using http://www.geni.com

dblogged: wow, geni is an awesome website. http://www.geni.com/home

jamesgoux: Been working on my family tree this week on geni.com. I’ve even got third cousins once removed on there.

addingvalue: Just spent an hour with my mom discussing social networking, and used geni.com as example. Worked a treat. She’s hooked.

makenai: Setting up a family tree on Geni.com – wife and I are racing with our respective sides.

mdoeff: It’s so cool to watch my family tree on Geni.com on growing virally. What an amazing service.

itafroma: Playing with Geni (http://geni.com): makes me want to invest some time and research into filling it out.

pschena: People, if you’re not on geni.com yet, get on it now! You can thank me in 25 years time.

mani_monaj: Geni.com is one of the most amazing online website available 😉

Deodra: geni.com is flippin incredible. I LOVE it. They just added my dream feature to their site- import GEDCOM. Now, my genealogy life is complete

Once again, thank you everyone who posts about Geni and provides the feedback that we need to continuously improve our product. If you would like to read more Tweets about Geni you can do so here. Also, if you would like to follow the Geni Updates posted to Twitter you can do so here.


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