World Family Tree: 60 Million Profiles and Counting

Posted November 11, 2011 by Amanda | 3 Comments

Our goal at Geni has always been to create the world’s largest, most comprehensive world family tree. Through the collaboration of millions of researchers, we’ve seen tremendous growth in our World Family Tree, with over 10 million profiles connected in the past year. We’re thrilled to announce that Geni’s World Family Tree now has over 60 million connected profiles and counting.

Take a look at the World Family Tree page for automatic updates and other interesting statistics about the tree.

Have you connected to Geni’s World Family Tree?



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  • Aivar

    If this blog is about statistics, what people say about it – there is a lie, big lie and statistics.
    After august/november changes there is huge drop of added/merged profiles and probably now is a latest time to look what users are achived on past year.
    For example on 25 of august, last 365 days added profiles number were 9,995,041, but today it is only 8,689,679 and rapidly dropping. Same story about merged profiles, on 25.08 last 365 days merges were 2,598,258, but today last year merges is only 2,153,167. It takes average added profiles per day 27383 on 25.08 and today you see added profiles per day is 12,822.
    Also average merged profiles percent relative to added profiles on past year on 23.08 were 25,92%, but today this percent is only 13,55%, so it means that today people are adding almost twice as much these are merged and it only can mean that this great family tree 60 mil. level is a fiction which inludes lot of duplicates which after recent changes are not possible to merge anymore.
    So, there was almost 10 mil. added profiles last year, but its not going to be in the future for sure, so good luck Geni and hopefully you can come up some more drastic changes on your business model or ….

  • G Nilsson

    Less profiles added, less merges done and less users…
    “World Family Tree” ???
    We are now peolple on this planet – doesn´t seem to be the greatest businessplan ever ?

  • Nicholas

    Sadly, with the restrictive 100 user basic account policy, the tree is going to get stagnant.