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We recently shared an article on Facebook about how two Norwegian relatives who found each other at a Miami CVS. By chance, these two women struck up a conversation while shopping. Soon they discovered that their families both came from a remote village in Norway and that they were cousins!

It’s always interesting to hear these type of stories and several of you had a few to share of your own on Facebook. Here are a couple we wanted to share with you below.


From Karen Macagno:

About 8 years ago I met a young Italian fellow named Flavio online. It turned out that we shared a common ancestor, Tommaso di Saluzzo (my 23rd great-grandfather, died in the 1200s.) It seems that Flavio’s line continues through Tommaso’s son, who remained in Italy, and my line through his daughter, who married an English noble. So I thought it was pretty amazing to find my far-off, distant “Italian connection.” But then the story gets…interesting. Seems that Flavio’s great-grandfather was from the same small town (Villafalletto, Cuneo) as my husband’s dad. In fact, my husband’s great-uncle and Flavio’s 2nd great uncle traveled *together* to the USA in 1900!

From Kristin Roca:

I tried to research my 2nd great aunt whose name is Hilda Arendal Hanson (named after Arendal Norway where our relatives come from) She grew up in Patten Maine (1900′s-1930′s) where her father was a doctor. I popped onto facebook and found so many people who knew her or her father and even was able to get never seen before pictures of her and her senior yearbook! I also learned her father saved the life of a mother and child during childbirth-The mother and father being so grateful allowed my 2nd great uncle,the dr to name the baby-GALEN. Well, Galen is still alive (in his 80′s) and also the longest living member of his family. His sister wrote to me to thank my family because if the mother died during his birth she and 4 other siblings would not even be here-a whole family would have been wiped out. Amazing!

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  • Renée Walker

    Actually, YES!!! I have a few YEARS- LONG Friends, who I met while living in Germany and I´ve worked with in the entertainment industrie and after all of those years of friendship, we´ve discovered, we are cousins. (Some by more ways than, one, even! lol!)