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9/3/2011 at 8:59 AM

Josie is a really wonderful and kind hearted person. Josie lost her first husband to a heart attack in the late 80's. She never thought she would meet another man she would love until she met Fred at a dance in the mid 1990's. She and Fred lived common-law for 16 years until his death in July of 2011. They were a great couple and very happy. Josie is a wonderful, caring mother, grandmother and friend. She has worked very hard her whole life running a farm and raising 4 son's. She has a lovely family, who love her very much, and she deserves to be loved. She has many good friends and a wonderful support group which she needs now more than ever since the loss of her life partner Fred, who she loved dearly and misses terribly. Our thoughts are with you and we love you Joise.
Loretta Lechelt

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