Moses family from Lörrach, Germany to Brooklyn, NY and Fullerton CA

Started by Henry (fmly Horst) Gunby (fmly Günzburger) on Saturday, September 3, 2011

Dear Researchers:

I am looking for information on Samuel Moses, a physician born in 1883 in Lörrach (Kirchen), Germany; his wife Mina née Guenzburger born in 1894 in Freiburg, Germany and their sons Alfred born in 1917 and Bernhard born in 1924, both born in Lörrach, Germany.
The Moses family emigrated in September 1938 from Germany (Lörrach) to the USA (New York). They sailed on Septrember 3, 1938 from Rotterdam on the SS Veendam and arrived in New York on September 13, 1938 The family lived in Brooklyn, NY where Dr. Moses practiced. later on the family moved to Fullerton, CA.

Any additional information is greatly appreciated. I am particularly interested in finding out who the parents/grandparents of Mina Moses née Guenzburger were. You may reply in English, German or French.

Henry Gunby (fmly Horst Guenzburger) higgen

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