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Note to CRAIG SHELDON - read the MI again, it says lived WITH husband 47 years, ie 47 years from date of marriage.

Ancestry.idiot gives what?

"NOTE FROM CRAIG SHELDON: Mary Roberts nee Barne's age at death of 47 years (given on the ledger stone in St. Mary's of Willesden; see below) conflicts with the recorded dates of birth of her children (cf. Love's Mirror). trees give a more likely date of birth of 1555.

Here lyeth ye body of Mary Roberts

late ye wife of Francis Roberts of Wilsdon Esq.

being ye daughter and one of ye heires of

John Barne late of Wilsdon Esq deceased,

who lived with her husband 47 years and 6 months

and dyed ye 23 day of Feby 1623 AD"

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