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Started by Barbara Jean Twedt on Wednesday, September 21, 2011


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They met at Crackers Comedy Club in Tampa, FL, USA. Carter was the head bartender and Barb was a local stand-up comic. Barb was dating another local comic who's step-brother was also a bartender there. He said to Barb, you and Carter would have more in common, you should date him. After 6 months of being friends and going for coffee and pie after Carter got off work they started dating. Barb asked Carter out on New Year's Eve 1990/1991. Carter said he had to work so Barb waited in the back of the room. This was the first time they really kissed each other. Having been friends they knew everything in each others past, good and bad. Oh, by the way Carter was under house arrest with a working permit. No car, got to and from work on a bike, or when Barb would pick him up and drop him off. Carter had lent his car to a friend. That friend used the car to deliver cocaine to sell. Because it was Carter's car he was put in jail too. Before that he was drunk and ran his car into the side of a building causing $250,000 of computer damage. He was also involved in a car crash due to him being drunk and thrown 65 feet. The doctor said the only thing that saved him was being drunk and totally relaxed. When Barb & Carter started dating she told him flat out that if he wanted to hang with her he would have to quit drugs and liquor. She had not tolerance for it having quit drinking and drugs in 1986. Carter slowed his drinking down, being a bartender it was hard to stop. He finally quit on November 3, 1996 when Barb was in her car and hit by the truck that ran a red light. In 1991 the owner of the Crackers Comedy Club in Tampa offered Carter a Bar Manager spot at his Indianapolis, IN club which he owned with a partner, he would start in October 1991. Carter said he'd only go if Barbara agreed to go with him. She did, and they moved. They had only been there for 6 months when they decided that Indianapolis was not for them (a bit backward). They were married on the stage of Crackers in Indpls. where Carter was Bar Manager and Barb (who went by the stage name - BJ Spencer) occasionally performed.

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