Arrogance and Bullying

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9/24/2011 at 5:30 AM

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This is a video showing a homeless man living on the streets of Santa Barbara (California, USA) with their pets. Every day is "State the street" and people give money to photograph them. The animals are well fed and are very tame and sociable. They are a family. The man took the cat to a harness that the dog could take and not have to walk so much. At some point the mouse appeared, and seeing that no one wanted to eat him, joined the family. The man that once someone offered $ 20 if she left to take a picture of their pets, and from that moment, the 4 "work" on the street showing the world that it is possible that things that historically were seen as enemies, live together in harmony.
The mayor of Santa Barbara filmed this video and sent it to friends and contacts as a Christmas greeting.

WE WILL NOT BE GIVING A BATH OF HUMILITY, and lower the level of arrogance that some colleagues who share the TREE


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