Jonathon b. 1740, father of Jonathon Jr. b. 1775? and his descendants.... all proven

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Jonathon Longfellow b. 6 Jan 1740 was the son of Joseph Longfellow and an Elizabeth ?.

1) Jonathon Longfellow b. January 6,1740, St. Luke’s Parish, Queen Anne’s County, Maryland or Kent County, Delaware (disputed border), d. February 8, 1795, Kent County, Delaware m. (1) Elizabeth Bradley [daughter of Charles and Elinor Bradley], m. (2) Rosanna Gary
i Elijah Longfellow, b. 28 Mar 1767 on farm of Queen Anne’s County, Md Elijah lived in Kent, Delaware for several years. Elijah later migrated to Hamilton, Butler, Ohio.
ii Joseph Longfellow, b.9 Nov 1768 on farm at Queen Anne’s County, Md. Joseph also lived in Kent, Delaware for several years. Joseph migrated to Concord, Champaign County, Ohio it appears after the final disbursement of Jonathon as many other children left after that disbursement. I am using the birth year that Joseph himself gave to a Judge and also from a letter from the Veterans Administration which seems to prove 1768 instead of 1766
iii William Longfellow, b. 2 Jun 1770 Murderkill, Kent, Delaware. William migrated to Indiana settling in Henry County, Indiana by way of Kentucky stopping in Butler, Ohio where Elijah stopped and remained.
iv Nathan Longfellow, b. abt 1772 Kent, Delaware. Nathan followed his brother William Longfellow to Rush County, Indiana.
v Rebecca Longfellow b. abt 1773 Kent, Delaware. She married to a Morris.
vi Jonathan Jr. Longfellow b. abt 1775
vii Cynthia Longfellow b. 1777 Murderkill, Kent, Delaware. Who did Cynthia marry?

Jonathon's Administrative bond can be found at the Delaware Public Archives for the year's 1796-99 so he must have died 26 Oct 1796. In this bond it shows no mention of a wife but payments to Jonathon Jr., Joseph, Elijah, and Rebecca Morris. This Bond also shows different goods and Chattels from that of Jonathon Longfellow b. 1715-1794 which does list his wife as Rosannah. The following Bible record was contributed by Mary Mitchell that shows Rosannah Longfellow as Roanna Longfellow and William who migrated to Indiana.

The Jonathon Jr. above was born in about 1775 and is the Jonathon Longfellow who migrated to Butler County, Ohio during the very early 1800’s with his brothers Elijah, Joseph, William, and Nathan around the same time John Longfellow b. 1767 migrated to Wayne County, Indiana. We now know that John Longfellow b. 1767 who migrated to Wayne County, Indiana during the same period as those above is not the son of Joseph b. 1703.

Land records, that I have seen and recorded, prove this with John b. 1767 (married to Mary and both signing documents with their marks) and Jonathon Jr. b. about 1775 (married to Elizabeth and both signing documents with their signatures) buying and selling properties in different counties and states during the same period. At this time then, I’m guessing all these westward migrating Longfellow’s from Queens Anne’s County, Maryland and Kent County, Delaware might have been cousins but the father of John b. 1767 is currently unknown because I have yet to find any brother to Johnathon Sr. b. 1740.

One question is, did Joseph Longfellow b. 1703 have another son no one has discovered yet?

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