Mason From New York to Ohio

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10/3/2011 at 1:14 PM

We can trace our family to Fort Ann WAshington NY via civil war records for Roswell Mason. His son James Calvin and his son William Franklin are my grandparents. Roswell join the Civil War in the Wisconsin Regiment. He died in New Orleans, with no burial records. James Calvin also joined the Civil War from Wisconsin. He returned to Ironton Sauk Co. Wisconsin where he had , among other children my grandfather, William Franklin Mason. Now this gets confusing. According to the Military Records Roswell was born in 1820 in Fort Ann. However, according to the Census (a certain census that is) and according to the bible of the St. Johns (He married Hannah St. John B: 1818 to James and Sally St. John who were living in Weathersfield Trumbell county Ohio)he was born 1801 or 1805. I am not able to find any records anywhere that states who his parents are. The census always has him born in NY. There is record in the LDS genealogy site having him as Roswell M. Mason. I find that hard to believe given his age then when he would have enlisted in the military. I do have his pension records that Hannah requested. She then married A.J. Morrison and they both died in Ironton Wisconsin Does anyone have any clues or knowledge about Roswell Mason born in Fort Ann, was he really born there? I have no records regarding his birth any help would greatly be appreciated. Thank You Mari Mason Hancock

10/3/2011 at 4:52 PM

Hi Mari:

I'm having difficulties following from Sampson Mason to the ancestor you are describing (Roswell M. Mason). Can you post Roswell's URL? Would be happy to help where I can...

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10/6/2011 at 2:46 PM

Hi Ben, I am not convinced my Roswell is Roswell M. Mason. I am not very computer savy so please explain the URL and where I would have that. I am having the same problem following from Sampson Mason. In the book
– Genealogy of the Sampson Mason Family, by Alverdo Hayward Mason, 1902. The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England 1620- ...A Roswell is mentioned in the book, but born 1788 if I remember right. That would make him very old to join the Civil War. However the LDS site has Roswell born 1801 1805 ? On a census I found Roswell is given birth year of 1805, it is the correct Roswell and Hannah on the census. Then on his Civil War pension papers for Hannah it is listed 1820 Fort Ann. My cousin is telling me Roswell Mason is from Sampson (Samson) Mason. I will ask her how she makes that connection. I can follow Roswell after he marries Hannah but not before. Any help would be so appreciated Thank you Mari

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10/12/2011 at 3:52 PM

My cousin said she made the connection to sampson due to Roswell coming from Fort Ann New York.

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