Father of Kikau/Kiikau/Kikaukapu KAOHELE

Started by Frank Carlos Jr. on Sunday, October 9, 2011


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10/9/2011 at 2:24 AM

Corrections noted below on my previous comment:

According to this genealogy, Ka'ohele's father was High Chief Kuanu'uanu. It appears this is not accurate since Kuanu'uanu lived much earlier than Kaohele's father. According to Abraham Fornander in his book "An Account of the Polynesian Race" (pg.134-135), Kuanu'uanu was the GREAT-grandfather of Kamehame I and the grandson of "I and Akahikame'enoa. Also according to Fornander, Kamehameha I was born between 1736 and 1740. Allowing for 20 years per generation, Kuanu'uanu would be born about 1680.

Since Ka'ohele was born in 1807, his birth is approximately 120 years, or approximately 6 generations, after Kuanu'uanu was born. Therefore, Kuanu'uanu can not be the father of Ka'ohele.

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