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So it seems, our Great Great Grandfather was known as Lebanon's Prince and the reason my Mother Susan was only given a little bit of land, was that she married a Jewish man who changed his faith, which was just not done in those days, my Father was born into a Jewish family and my Mother a Maronite Catholic, therefore the family of six children belonging to my Grandfather on my Mothers side split the land, not evenly, my Mother got the two smallest plots because she maried a Jewish person, while Rose, Matty, and Jany got fair sizes, the boys, Joe and Karam got the rest of the land which if they did not sell was to be passed down to their children. My Mother sold her land in the 1990's.
My Grandfather was born Tanse Karam from Sibhil, Zgharte Lebanon and my GrandMother was born Katour Mansour Lahoud, my Grandmother married my Grandfather at the tender age of twelve but they were not allowed to consummate their marriage until she was fourteen, at which time my Grandfather decided to go to South Africa, Katour bore one daughter.....Matilda Karam in South Africa, when Tanse fell ill and was advised to go back to his birth country, which he did, and recovered totally, he also became the Town Mayor and Chief of police, in the meantime, Tanse and Katour, had three more children, but Tanse thought of South Africa as his home and decided to take Matilda and Rosy with him to South Africa, leaving Joe and Susie in Lebanon with Katour until he could finally send for them to go to South Africa to join him, in 1935, he accomplished that and his wife and two more children joined him in South Africa, Tanse and Katour then went on to have two more children Karam and Jany, who were born in South Africa. Susan went to school with Beryl Hart who introduced her to her brother Cecil Bernhardt Hart, they fell for each other and courted each other until after the army when Cecil Berhardt Hart changed his name to Kenneth Bernhard Harris and married Susan Karam, he was tired of being Jewish (apparently).

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