Naturals vs. the less blessed :)

Started by Private User on Thursday, October 20, 2011
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Private User
10/20/2011 at 10:27 AM

As a natural, I'm wondering whether we should be maintaining separate lists (like in the project overview) of naturals versus "aspirants." Lucille Ball, for example, dyed her hair. Many of the most famous "redheads" today -- Amy Adams, Christina Hendricks, Emma Stone -- are all open about dying their hair. Should we classify them somehow?

Also, what about naturals who dye their hair other colors? (Lindsay Lohan comes to mind.)

10/21/2011 at 8:31 AM

My daughter and my best friend have been or are aspiring redheads :) So I must be partial to them. I would look so hideous as a redhead!

Private User
10/21/2011 at 9:57 AM

I'm [mumble-mumble 12 plus mumble-mumble 50 no they didn't hear that first number, it's okay,still could pass for 55], so when I am still a redhead, it is definitely augmented. Right now I am experimenting with natural. Like not having upkeep, hate the look, I feel ten years older than calendar age when I look in the mirror.

I was a platinum blonde baby, turning darker every year to a medium brunette but I have always had reddish highlights that would get quite red-gold with the summer sun. When the white hair started coming in at age 24, I tried to go blonde, but it came out a brassy red-gold. I took the hint and was permanently a redhead until this year, when I am mostly white-haired.

10/21/2011 at 10:02 AM

My daughter in law Deborah Leann Clark is a natural. don't know how her daughter will turn out

10/21/2011 at 12:16 PM

MEZ, being a redhead totally fits you. My husband's family has that combination of dark auburn with strong reddish tints. His beard was fairly red. And they had pale, freckled skin so being redheads fits them too.

Private User
10/21/2011 at 1:08 PM

he ladies, ever had a look at my funny project: ,
Meisjes met rode haren.... die kunnen kussen/katten, dat is niet MIS !
I never ever had one spot of bleach or dye in my hair, but am still quit proud to be a auburn? my mother was alway angry when administrator wanted to add the word 'rood' on my passport, so in Dutch i was 'kastanjebruin'. The photograph i use today is really the way my hair was till my fifties, my brother Jan -also a red on, like my sister jose- is totally white like an albino now.
groeten, jeannette.

Private User
10/21/2011 at 8:08 PM

My father had my hair color until he hit puberty, and then it darkened. Now it's just his beard that's red...though honestly, it's mostly white now. :)

My mother had hair so blonde that it was nearly white until she moved to the U.S. and it naturally darkened, to the point that it's now a very deep brown. My grandmother always accused her of dying it "that awful color," but nope, it just changed on its own.

My Grandpa Red, meanwhile, had my color until the day he died. It never even lightened. Which I guess was a good thing, since renaming him might have been difficult. :)

Eldon Lester Clark, I believe you'll only have redheaded grandbabies if your son passes on a MC1R genetic mutation. A person needs two copies of it to be a redhead.

11/2/2011 at 9:18 AM

It's the spirit that counts.

Private User
11/2/2011 at 11:32 AM

Is that right, Ashley? My blonde daughter must have a recessive red gene. She married a redheaded Northern Italian. They have three red-headed kids, three varying shades from strawberry to a beautiful auburn.

Private User
11/2/2011 at 12:28 PM

Maria, I'm pretty sure that's the gene in question, but I can look it up. My mother has no redheads anywhere in her family that anyone can remember, so her gene was definitely a recessive one.

We have a mystery Irishwoman in her direct maternal line. I blame that lady. :)

Private User
11/3/2011 at 10:37 AM

I would not be surprised if she has a recessive red gene. Her father is olive complected, she is fair. Her father has brown eyes, I have blue and she has turquoise-green. Her father has very curly brown hair, she has almost straight blonde hair.

11/3/2011 at 10:47 AM

My "man friend" is a redhead but his hair color changed long before I met him, which is too bad (or not). I always liked men with dark hair.

My mother-in-law z"l hennaed her hair, as does my closest friend. Quite bright red!

Private User
11/3/2011 at 5:27 PM

It went from dark to red? Fascinating! Most men do the opposite (my dad included). You lucky lady! ;)

Tidbit I learned from my biological anthropology professor: Of all studied groups in the world, redheads are the group that select against each other for mating the most, meaning it's exceptionally rare to find a redheaded couple. My theory on this is that it's because we know how horrifying pale we look dans le boudoir.

I accidentally bought henna shampoo once and didn't realize my mistake until I wound up looking like a firetruck.

11/3/2011 at 5:51 PM

LOL Ashley, no he had red hair, now he has less hair and its color is hard to define, whatever happens to old redheads. And it's wiry too. He does attempt to dye it back to a mousy red and I'm not sure which is worse. I would have loved to see him with a full head of red hair.

What he has to watch out for is skin cancer : (

Private User
11/3/2011 at 6:23 PM

OH now I follow. Redheads tend to go blondish and then white; it's impossible to grey.

My dermatologist knows me pretty well.

Private User
12/1/2011 at 6:25 AM

i think red hair is not a question of color, but of shine and the effect of Iron-oxide in hair-growth, for real red-hairs with no trace of color in it become white as albino's when they age. My brother has that color already and I have some between the other goldish ones. It's known in animal -like bengals cats- too that shine of hair can be a reflexion of light in a way it's like red rays. So, searching for a gen people did already for decades, but I think they still don't know for they don't look at the aspect with a chemical-metallurgic view. Luckily it stays a wonder how some people have such a different aura, don't you think? groetjes, jMu.

Private User
12/1/2011 at 12:43 PM

I recently stopped coloring my hair and I find that I have a snow white streak in the front. I am now trying to decide if I want to go all white or go back to some shade of red. My "natural" is very dark auburn, almost brunette, and I was a platinum blonde baby. I've been a medium-bright auburn for almost 30 years.

Yes, skin cancer is one of my biggest risks. I have had to have many spots checked. So far none are the "big C," but I keep track of those spots and report changes. As soon as they go from sun damage to pre-cancerous, we take them off.

Private User
12/2/2011 at 2:20 AM

Private User if you don't think about the color like snow white or red, but talk about silver & goldish rays in your hair you will soon be very proud on your aging too...
Hope you interpret this phrase well, for I never use those modern ::<<)) or whatever to relative your writings. love, jeannette from holland, europe.

Private User
12/2/2011 at 2:34 AM

and about skin-damage as a result of ignoring umbrellas, shadow-sides of the streets a/o long sleeves: stay alert, for here it's one of the most important growing [ causae mortis].

For the ones suffering of that disease: GO-o-D LUCK & stay brave and help stopping it by taking enough vitamins and minerals and other vital elements of nature. Seek a house with a lot of stairs, so you can practice daily motion & motivation while doing your dishes or laundry…
but never hide for dayLIGHT, for it's that burning SUN with his attemptive energy that seduces us. ❥jMu from holland, europe, where we use lots of his energy too, but for environmental reasons through zonne-panelen for electricity & zonne-collectoren for hot water.

Private User
12/2/2011 at 2:46 AM

all naturals are invited to join my project, ofcourse !
and if you wonder the titel, here is the solution:

When this song was a succes I was at age of 21 already, so it didn't harm, but at age of 13 I had a teacher English who liked to emphazise on my special place amongst dark haired by saying with a great LOL:
J., je moet niet zo blozen, dat vloekt bij je haar... !
About pedagogic skills... that's why english was really NOT my favourite language and still I prefer speaking French or German above English.

Private User
12/2/2011 at 3:03 AM

How about Barbarossa Does dark blond hair with a red beard count I had e red beard until my fourtees

Private User
12/2/2011 at 10:14 AM

Sorry I was not clear. I had a red beard when I was young

12/3/2011 at 3:07 PM

Aww, the 'School Portrait' is super!

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