Can't see my tree completely and can't submit help ticket!

Started by Christine Marcella DeVillier - Lim Thlel Yan 林小英 on Friday, October 21, 2011


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I am really annoyed at Geni, again, no surprise. I can't see part of my tree, profiles that are all added/managed by me (my husband's aunt's husband's ancestors), and just shows "we've found a problem" and tells me to submit a help ticket. Fine. I go to submit a ticket, and low and behold help is only given to those paying for a Plus or Pro account! So I'm not even allowed to ask for help?! It says all other users can find help in the community forums. Duh, there is no answer in the forums already, I tried everything, and now I can't ask for a help ticket. So how are a bunch of us supposed to do anything at all if:
1. we can't even see our damned tree, and
2. we can't ask for help
I used to be a geni pro subscriber but it has really left a bad taste in my mouth and I don't see what there is besides just previously free features that are now taken away and reserved for paying customers. I paid for pro when I was really building out the tree, merging a lot, etc. Now I don't care to do that. But paying just to submit a help request is a bit overboard I think. Does Geni have no respect for their users, even the lowly basic users like me? I have added plenty of profiles, primary source records, photos, and am part of the world tree, mind you, I'm actually contributing to your WORLD TREE. If you are providing a product/service, you should be responsible for maintaining it, for all users, otherwise get out of the business. A broken/defective product is BAD PUBLICITY for Geni, no matter who the user is!
Now I can't even get my stupid tree visible without paying. Anyone PRO or Curator or someone with magical powers, can you tell me how to get my tree back in view?
Here is the url where it tells me "we've found a problem"

10/21/2011 at 2:18 PM

Christine, can you please tell us what you can see and what you hope to see but can't? In this link there are 3 veiwable profile nodes and 6 private profile nodes.

Hi Terry,
Another user figured this out - he said that when a person's profile photo was made in to a document, it caused the tree to display incorrectly. Would be great if this information was posted in the help forums.

Private User
10/22/2011 at 12:01 AM

I am disappointed and very disgusted with Geni now that there are wants people to pay for those parts that used to be free. I had put huge amount of information there and introduced many new members. I feel cheated and I am angry that its action would affect my integrity and credibility with the many friends that I had introduced. There are huge amount of profiles I could add but could not now unless I pay to do so. I have been giving my talks on Chinese genealogy and assistant to others for free (and still doing) and in the process try to recruit more members to Geni. I am going to stop mentioning about Geni in my future talks and to those who come to me for assistance.

Hi Philip, agreed, it is very hard to recommend Geni nowadays as we did before, the breadth of ability is just not there like it used to be. There is very little sense in starting a tree that cannot go past a small number of generations, if we will just have to transfer it or start over in a new program or website to fill it out further. You and and I have our histories entered back to Huang Di and such, and that would not be possible now without paying. It is really a shame. It has become difficult again to find a reliable, safe, secure, and tool-laden program that accepts unicode and can be updated in real time and accessible worldwide. The search continues.

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