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Started by Christine Marcella DeVillier - Lim Thlel Yan 林小英 on Saturday, October 22, 2011


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Hello Geni community,
I would like to ask if we can set up a request board here for random tasks that need to be done that only a Pro can do, and a Basic is restricted from. I do not care to hear from people "you should just buy a Pro membership" because that is pretty old, tired, and costly if Basics really have only one or two tasks to get their trees updated. That discussion belongs elsewhere. I want to see if there can be a way for Basic users to continue to contribute to the greater tree with small helps from Pro users who are kind and able to provide such help. Such tasks would include merge requests, addition of names outside of the "family group" realm and subsequent transfer of management to the requester, etc. So if a Basic requests something here, can a Pro who wants to help the Basic respond here if they feel like helping, at will, so that no other Pro helper will duplicate the task?
If you don't want to participate or don't support this idea, feel free to ignore this discussion rather than rant about it, let's keep this positive and friendly. If it's a bad idea, it will die on it's own due to lack of participation.
Christine (former Pro, now just a Basic)

Private User
10/22/2011 at 11:41 PM

There is one -

Admittedly it may not clear that is what it is for if you are not familiar with its predecessor at

Yay, thank you Private User!

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