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10/23/2011 at 3:56 AM

Greetings all

If you have a Facebook profile you may wish to join a forum that has been created for persons that are from or who have links with the following districts in north western Clarendon (and a small section of Manchester), Jamaica:

Cumberland, Freetown, Virginia, Alison, Ginger Hall, Bombay, Baker, Five Mile, Bump, Banana Ground, Belcarres, Shop Hill, Glenwood Spring, Sunbury, Ritchies, Guinea and Fair View (Leicesterfield).

In the forum you can reconnect with people from the listed communities that you haven't seen in years; browse photos of Jamaica past and present, many of which are specific to our districts/region. You may also view videos that focus on some of the above listed communities, read informative articles and join in the many discussions.

The forum can be accessed by following this link and making request to join:



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