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10/23/2011 at 7:01 PM

REF: Francois Vienne Succession/Marriage Documents

"One thing that strikes me as VERY odd is that the only Jean Baptist ever mentioned in the succession or the marriage is Jean Baptiste 'Chacto' Vienne, AKA ‘Chacto’. We have been debating the theory of a possible relationship between Jean Baptiste Vienne , and Jean Baptiste 'Chacto' Vienne. 'Chacto' (Jean Baptiste 'Chacto' Vienne) is mentioned in both the succession & the marriage of Francois Vienne. Regardless of the truth to our theory, wouldn’t we think that Jean Baptiste Vienne would be in the Vienne succession/marriage documents somewhere??"

"The Jean Baptiste Vienne II who was born around 1819 would have been Francois’ grandson. JB Vienne II was the son of Jean Baptiste 'Chacto' Vienne and Suzette Vienne.

We are trying to find out who JB Vienne Sr’s father was. His father may be the JB Chacto. If so the lineage would go like this:

François Vienne + ??? (Mariotte kin)
JB Sr (Chacto) + Susette Rouquier
JB II. born 1819 married Cecilia Gagnier (may have spelled that wrong)
JB III born 1951 married Angela LeRoy

Forgot something – The JB who left the will was JB Vienne Sr who we think is Chacto "

Do you know when François Vienne and Julien Vienne came to Natchitoches? The reason I’m asking is because Jean Baptist’s mother was definitely from Natchitoches. In Jean Baptist’s will the Dupre and LaCour children are listed as paternal cousins. Thus his mother had to be related to Adalaide Marriotte who lived in Natchitoches all of her life.

If our JB Vienne is Chacto then that explains the relationship. Chacto was born about 1804 I believe. So Julien was dead and Francois must have been around 14 or so. In those days it was not uncommon for people to get married at 14 or so. It was also not uncommon to be sexually active at that age from some of the records I have seen. Perhaps Francois fooled around with Adalaide Marriotte or one of her sisters when he was about 14 or so!"

"Julien Vienne died on 18 July 1799; he never was in Natchitoches. His son Francois, was the only child who left New Orleans. Francois went back and forth between New Orleans & Natchitoches, keeping a home in both places, between 1816 – 1821.

But if the Vienne connection is because of his surname, then he must have been with Francois when Francois removed to Natchitoches. This would indicate that JB was born in New Orleans.

Based on your paternal cousins argument, I wonder how to make the connection…..

Back to square one now?"

"I will probably rethink things. I did see where a Suzzette purchased JB Chacto in F Vienne’s succession. However it does not list her surname unless I missed it. Also you mention that JB Vienne and Sussette lived with another family during the 1840 census. How did you find that out?
Attached is the doc I was refering to. In addition they missed the major children that were identified in the will. The major children were Jean Baptise II (married to Cecilia Gagnie), Valsin and Azenor."

"Oh ok – those were my notes that I jotted down to create a timeline. I should have cited that, and I will now.

‘At ToD, he and his family were living with Francois Guilleminot (Galleminot in the 1840 census)’

At Time of Death (this means I noted this information from his succession documents from 1846), he (JB ‘Chacto’ Vienne) and his family were living with Francois Guilleminot. Since we never found JB & Suzette in the 1840 census, I realized that F Guilleminot was probably listed as head of household. So I went back to the 1840 census and Franc. Guilleminot in the 1840 census, but his surname had been spelled Galleminot. I don’t know that they were definitely living with him at the time of the census, but the land sale indicates that they were at the time of his succession.

In what document did you find the major children listed?"

"Now I get it – I could be wrong but I don’t think that the verbiage meant that the vienne’s were living with Guilleminot – I have seen that wording before in other documents. I always thought it referred to the Natchitoches La – not the actual residence. At the time that doc was written JB Vienne’s residence was in heaven (we hope).
I think they were saying that Guilleminot was residing in the Parish of Natchitoches State of Louisiana.

[State of Louisiana Parish of Natchitoches.
Be it known that this day before me Thomas Plumer Jones Recorder and Notary Public, duly _ commissioner and sworn, in and for the Parish of Natchitoches and State of Louisiana. Aforesaid, personally came and appeared Alexis Semee Esqre Syndic of the succession of Jean Baptiste Vienne free man of color, Francois Guillemiuos of the same residence, became and was……]

I found the major children listed in the succession document. In successions they separated the minor children from the major children. The reason was that they needed to appoint a tutor and under tutor for the minor children. So they listed both the major children and the minor children.

10/24/2011 at 6:25 AM

Thanks so much. This clears a lot of things up for me. I was wondering what the connection of Azenor as I saw his name pop up in a few places. Well, I will let this digest and go back to the drawing board.

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