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11/10/2011 at 7:43 AM

I am the daughter of Thomas, name Cornelia Adriana Stevens, born on 30.10.1935 married to Schalk Willem van der Merwe. The birth date of my father was 08 Oct 1911. Death 02.02.1989. Place of death: Hibberdene.
My mother was Susanna Johanna Christina Botha. Birthday 17.09.1914. Died on 01.04.1992. Margate. Both was burried in Uvongo. Their married on 14.08.1933 Ermelo
My brother Joseph Benjamin Stevens, born 21 June 1945, Karino, near Nelspruit. At present in Perth Auz.. Married to Arnolda Toerien.

11/10/2011 at 9:17 PM


Do you perhaps have any detail of your family going back past the first Thomas William Stevens in South Africa?

I'm pretty sure we are family as I am also a descendant of that first Thomas William, and we also still have the family name (Joseph Benjamin, my brother as well as my grandfather).

Anthony Peter Stevens

11/24/2011 at 12:35 AM

We struggle with the Joseph born 1797/1798 and cant find the links on the b.dates.
1. Thomas William Stevens 24/3/1831.????
2. Joseph Benjamin Stevens 24/5.1831 .....cant be
3.Thomas William Stevens 3.9.1855...correct
4.Joseph Benjamin Stevens 20.11.1883..correct . My grand father
5. Thomas William Stevens 8.10.1911....correct. .My father
6. Joseph Benjamin Stevens 21.6.1945...correct..My brother.

11/25/2011 at 1:03 AM

I have no data on a Joseph born 1797/1798. My data begins with Thomas William born 1799. His sons included:
1. Joseph Benjamin, born 24 May 1831
2. Thomas William, born 23 Jan 1842

Is the Joseph born 1797/1798 mabybe a brother of Thomas William born 1799? Was this Joseph your direct ancestor, or was Thomas William (1799) your first ancestor in SA. I believe we share the same ancestor (Thomas William) as the Joseph Benjamin born 1883 (your granfather) you refer to seems to be the brother of my great-grandfather Charles Henry Stevens, born 1871. That is, if your grandfather was married to a Barbara Kruger?

I also have you father, Thomas William, on my tree, but that's where my information stops on your side of the family.

Could you maybe give me access and the link to your tree so I can have a look?

11/4/2015 at 9:37 PM

Hello Peter, my name is Raymond Stevens I have an unabridged Death Certificate of Thomas William Stevens.He died 19- 8- 1945 at the age of 89yrs that would put his birth at 1856. He died in Port Elizabeth and is buried in Jubilee Uitenhage. He was my Grandad.

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