RaghuMam , A tribute

Started by Rajesh on Saturday, December 10, 2011


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12/10/2011 at 8:05 AM


It’s with sadness and a sense of loss I write this. Most unexpected . It took time personally for me to realize that he is no more.

Raghumam personally was very dear to me .One of the members whom I have liked from my childhood days.I always use to look forward to his vacation during my school days when he was at Bahrain.He used to make the entire atmosphere very light with his sense of humour.My Dad too enjoyed his company. We all enjoyed his company.He was straight forward,very expressive and quite tempered as well.I remember those days where we used to play cards for the whole day. Along with Praveen Uncle ,he was there in person during those last days of my Dad supporting us. His words were comforting during those stages.The last time i met him personally was on Sep’13 2010. I spoke to him a week later.That is the last I have been in touch.Unfortunate!

I pray to God to give the family Shobhachechi & Tinki the strength to overcome this loss.

We all miss him.

We were all supposed to have a Big Getogther for the entire family in Sep2010 for last Onam during our Geni discussion & we have lost 2 members during that space.

It’s been a sad phase this last 2 years for the entire family as a whole as Dad & Raghumam has left us.Life has personally not been the same again.Can never be !.
Once again makes me realize that in the Short span of our life ,we need to do good to others, live life without hatred ,Enjoy as much as can & look beyond silly issues & not to measure relationship and life in terms of money & start charity if one can !

Pray that all stay hale & hearty.

12/19/2011 at 7:01 AM

Miss u Raghumam !

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