Relationship of Rebecca Marbury Maxson to Anne Hutchinson.

Started by Donald Schultze on Sunday, December 11, 2011


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12/11/2011 at 1:38 PM

Family oral tradition has it that Richard Maggson, or Maxson came to the Massachuttes colony on the Ship Griffin, in the year 1634. He paid his and his wife and son's passage by bonding himself out (possibly to James Everill) for 4 years. Family tradition also has it that he was probably married to Anne Hutchinson's sister Rebecca (AKA Goodwife) Marbury. Although not proven as there is no clear record that Anne Hutchinson had a sister Rebecca there is certain circumstantial evidence of this possibility.
First; Richard and Regecca came from the same town, Alford, in Lincolnshire, England
Second: Richard and Rebecca came over on the same ship in the same year.
Third; When Anne was exiled to Aquidneck (Portsmouth RI), Richard and Rebecca folowed.
Forth; When Anne or Richard & Rebecca went to Throggs Neck (The Bronx or Pelham), the other went with them.
Fifth; When Anne and the settlement she was in were attacked and killed in the Siwanoy (Algonquion speaking people) and as
many as 8 of Anne's children were also killed, Richard and his eldest son Richard Jr. were also killed. Only Rebecca,
(with perhaps other survivors), pregnant with her second son John escaped in a flat boat apparently into the Hutchinson River
as it is now known.

1/23/2013 at 6:22 AM

I agree that there is some good circumstantial evidence of Rebecca Maxson being related to Anne Hutchinson ... but there also seems to be no connection via the Marbury or Hutchinson family trees, which seem to be well documented. I though perhaps Rev. Francis Marbury's first wife, Elizabeth Moore, may have bore Rebeccah, providing the subsequent Anne with a half sister ... but that doesn't seem to be corroborated by the family trees that I have seen.

It may have been that the Maxsons were simply of like religious mind and ended up accompaning Anne Hutchinson on her journey to Portsmouth, RI and eventually to Throggs Neck, NY. where they both died at the hand of the local American natives in 1634.

The sale in Portsmouth RI in 1634 or 35 of land to "Rebeccah" seems to address her as simply "Goodwife Maxson". As well, I have not seen any ship passenger manifests indicating the arrival of Richard Maxson and his wife and children at Boston in 1634.
Can you provide me with any clues I am not seeing?

Richard Maxson is a direct ancestor of my mother's mother, and I do like the Anne Hutchinson connection. It answers a lot of questions for me. But I would like to research that more if possible.

Thanks for any input.

2/21/2013 at 1:22 PM

Dear Rodman,
Like you, I am somehow maternally connected with the Maxson Family. My maternal grandmather Jane Potter Blackwells father Charles Oliver Potter was the grandson of Mary Elizabeth (Betsey) Maxson, wife of William Potter of Stonington, CT and daughter of Silvanus Maxson Jr. Many of the Maxsons and Potters were 7th Day Baptists and hailed from the Westerly, RI area and from Stonington, CT. My Great Grandfather C.O.Potter was born and raised in Stonington. You can also find out info from which is a free site as well. The following may show a connection:
Richard Maxson, Rebbecca (Marbury ?) Maxson
b. abt 1602 d. 1641 b. abt. 1614
John Maxson – Mar. Mary Mosher
b. March 1639 d. Dec. 17, 1720 1665 b. 1641 d. Feb 2, 1718
Joseph Maxson, Mar. 1691 to Tacy Burdick
b. 1672, d. 1750 b. 1670, d. after 1747
John Maxon, mar. 1717 to Hannah Maxson*
b. 1694 d. ?? b. 13 Jun 1698, d. Before 1744
Sylvanus Maxon mar. 21 Dec 1769 Lydia Lewis
b. 5/3/1735 d. d.
We know that Sylvanus was the ninth of eleven children born to John and Hannah Maxson.
Sylvanus Maxon Jr., mar. Sept. 24, 1797 to Elizabeth (Betsey) Langworthy
| b. 2/16/1775 d. ????? b. Jan 23, 1778, d. ????
Elizabeth Betsey Maxon, mar. June 28, 1816 William Potter
b. Sept. 6, 1798, d. June 8, 1864 b. Apr. 3, 1794 d. Dec. 25, 1858
Elizabeth (Betsey) Maxson Potter was the daughter of Sylvanus Maxon, Jr. and Betsey Langworthy of Westerly, RI. She was my grandmothers grandma, the mother of Jane Potter Blackwell’s father Charles. The most interesting story I remember my grandmother (Moms mother) telling me was about how her grandmother died in the burning of the Hudson River Day Boat on the night of June 8th 1864. The hold was loaded with hay for the livestock in NYC and it caught fire and burned furiously. She was unable to enter the companionway outside of her stateroom because of the flames. She was a heavy woman and unable to fit through the port hole to jump into the Hudson River, but she pushed her 8 year old grandson Robert who was accompanying her on the trip, through the porthole to men in a lifeboat waiting below. Her body was never recovered. However, there is a monument to her memory in the cemetery in Stonington, CT.
Charles O. Potter, mar. 2nd Jan. 26, 1860 to Diana Johnson
b. Dec. 21, 1823 d. Dec. 20, 1897 b. abt 1840 d. abt 1925
|Charles Potter was married twice. He had 8 children by his first wife Anna Marie Bonnett. Four survived into adulthood. Second he married Diana Johnson. Gigi remembered her grandmother as she didn’t die until 1925 just two years before Gigi and Bompi were maried. Charles and Diana had 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls. Only the girls survived into adulthood. They were my grandmother (Wowi or Grammy as we called her later) and her sister Elizabeth, who married and moved to Denver, CO. We have lost track of her family. The last I knew Elizabeth’s son had passed away form a heart attach about 1980. His children are scattered from Oregon to California.

Jane Potter mar. 1888 to Ernest Blackwell
b. 7/20/1868, d 3/13/1952, b. abt 1865, d. Mar. 10, 1910
My grandma who died when I was 17. There are several interesting stories that I will attempt to set down at a later time.
Helen King Blackwell, mar. Sept. 24, 1927 to Frederick Kenneth Schultze
b. Jan. 6, 1903, d. Dec. 1, 1995| b. July 19, 1905 d. Dec. 7, 1987

Donald B. Schultze, mar. Mar. 23, 1957 to Margaret Stark

So, there is my line if there is any connection.
Don Schultze

2/21/2013 at 1:23 PM

PS: I may be reached at

3/21/2013 at 10:06 AM

Sorry I haven't answered your reply any sooner. I have seen a monument in Stonington Cemetery regarding the Hudson River fire tragedy. That is a fascinating story as I have read historical accounts of that tragedy, and it's fun to make a personal connection. My great ggrandfather was Charles Potter Maxson, whose mother was Sarah Maria Fenner, whose father was Philip Arnold Fenner, who was married to Sarah Potter(1792-1861). My father's family of Greene's come from John Greene(1) of Quidnessett who worked with Richard Smith in Wickford, RI at his trading post (known as "Smith's Castle"). His line of Greenes moved to Hopkinton in the early 1700's when Benjamin Greene (3) bought 80 acres on the RI/CONN border where I-95 now crosses the border in Hopkinton. The Greenes farmed there for over two hundred years. It was bought in 1922 by the James Family and their business now located there is R.I. Harvester Co. My Grandfather was of the last o Greene family born on that farm, and spoke of having walked from there over Potter Hill to Westerly, RI many times as a youngster. Most of my Greenes and my mother's Maxson side were all from Westerly area and were SDB's, being buried in the First Hopkinton Cemetery.

What is fascinating are the connections that can be made through genealogy ... not that they make much difference in the scheme of things ... but they do make us aware of how connected we all are.
Thank you for your "connection."

regards, Rod Greene (11)

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