John Browne as father of Henry Browne

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12/19/2011 at 5:49 PM

Does anyone have any sources as to the father of Henry Browne? I was told about 12 years ago, an old woman on one of the Channel Islands (Man or Wight??) had a family history going back through this family, but as far as I know it's never been published. I was told by my distant Winthrop cousin that the Brownes could be traced back to the Domesday Book. I'm sure the British lady in possession of the manuscript is no longer living, since she was very, very old when I heard about it. Anyone else ever hear anything about this manuscript or family history? The only information we had was that very little was known of Henry Browne, other than that he was a clothier. No parents were known.

12/19/2011 at 5:52 PM

Sorry, forgot the link: Albert John Browne

12/20/2011 at 1:03 AM

Here are two References that list John as Henry's father.

Suffolk manorial families: being the county visitations and other pedigrees ... edited by Joseph James Muskett
Pg. 25
3. Adam Winthrop 3d son; b. 10 Aug. 1548; of Edwardstone & after of Groton, Esq.; lawyer and County Magistrate. For his Diary see "Life and Letters of John Winthrop;" tomb in Groton churchyard 28 March 1623. mar. Anne, dau. & co-heir of Henry Browne of Edwardstone in co. Suffolk, clothier; 2d wife; m. 20 Feb. 1579; d. 19 April 1620. See BROWNE.
Pg. 82
1st Gen. John Browne of Wigham in com. Essex; Will Arch. Colchester, 9 March 1562; probate 19 April 1563; names Elizabeth Raven, his daughter, and Margery, Anne, Joan and Anne, the four daughters of Henry Browne his son. ch: Henry Browne,; Elizabeth Browne, living 1596, sytled "my dau'r Raven" in her father's will. mar. John Raven, 35 Eliz., devisee of John Browne, 1562.; Thomas Browne. His children lving 1596; eldest son, 1562. mar. Elizabeth, devisee of John Browne, 1562.
2nd Gen. Henry Browne of Edwardston, co. Suff., and after of Milton in Prittlewell, co. Essex, Yeoman. Will P.C.C. 2 Cobham, 23 June, 35 Eliz.; prb't 27 Jan. 1596; ob. aet. 76; bur. in Prittlewell Church; Lands in Posted, Boxford, Edwardston, &c. mar. Agnes Browne, the mother of Anne Winthrop, died 17 Dec. a? 1590. Adam Winthrop's Diary. ch: Anne, da. and coh. 35 Eliz., devisee with her sister Ann Suelling, in her father's will. mar. Adam Winthrop ....; Joane Browne, da. and coh. named 35 Eliz. in her father's will. Her Will Arch. Suff. is dated 5 Sep. 1597. mar. William Hilles, of Holton, co. Suff. 2 Aug. 39 Eliz; prob't 20 Sept. 1597; names 1597 in Adam Winthrop's Diary. See Hilles.; Anne Browne, da. and coh, Anne, d. of Browne of Edwardstone in com. Suff. mar. John Snelling. - Harl. MS. 1560. mar. John Snelling of Boxford, Clothier, cousin to Wm. Ames, the Puritan Divine; Will P.C.C. 48 Meade, 26 Jan'y 1617. His 2d wife was Judith Choppin, Inq. p.m. 15 Ja'n.; Margerie Browne, da. and coh., wife of Mr. Weston, 35 Eliz., named in will of John Snelling, 1617; no issue by 2nd mar.; dead apparently in 1608. mar. ___ Speade, 1st husband, mar. Roger Weston, Vicar of Wormingford co, Essex, 2d husb'd. died 2 Dec. 1608; Will, Lend. Consist. 5 Feb, 1605; cousin of D'r Duke to be executor. Henry Browne mar. Margaret, living 1596, 2nd wife.
Evidences of the Winthrops of Groton, co. Suffolk, England, and of families in and near that county, with whom they intermarried (1894)

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