Karl's first children

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12/20/2011 at 9:59 AM

It is believed that Karl is the father of twins born out of wedlock to an unknown older classmate of his, at Shiloh High School. I have the list of classmates, but we have no idea which one it is. If anyone has knowledge of these relatives, it will be much appreciated if you could share it, now that he is deceased. Please email Dave@DareFamily.com if you have info on any twins born to one of these women:

Edith Anderson b 13 Feb 1906 Marion Blew b 6 June 1907
Evelyn Casper b. 17 Sept 1907 Lucy Davis b. 3 Nov 1906
Emma Glaspey b. 26 July 1906 Harriet Johnson b. 4 Nov 1907
Edith Moore b. 23 Jan 1907 Hazel Newkirk b. 8 Jan 1907
Edith Nieukirk b. 15 June 1906 Naomi Ott b 1 Sept 1907
Helen Parvin b. 9 Nov 1907 Mary Peacock b. 28 Mar 1907
Caroline Staub b. 8 Jan 1907 Louise Tyndall b. 18 Mar 1907
Emily Willis b. 20 Aug 1907 Isabel Willis 15 Sept 1907
Laura Moore b. 10 Nov 1906

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