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12/20/2011 at 2:42 PM

Born in 1803,this young lady is credited with being the daughter of an unknown Miss Cross and the Duke of Kent(at the time). Did HRH say "mea culpa"?I bet not.
Maria married a gardener named Plumridge and they sailed steerage class to NZ.
One wonders if such a well connected girl would travel in this manner?Also,I can't find any reference to her claiming Queen Victoria as a half-sister.
Sorry to dash the hopes of blue-bloods now domiciled in NZ.;-)Trevor

12/22/2011 at 5:01 PM

Dr. Trevor Charles Adams

Please include a direct link to the profile in question so that others can view the info your referring to.

2/5/2012 at 1:07 PM

Maria Plumridge
Is this what you want Randy?

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2/5/2012 at 7:05 PM

My interest was is Charles Barrnett, m. Rose Fowler, my first cousin thrice removed. This tree has been merged to have Maria as Sara Ann's mother. Maria and Sara Ann can't both be half sisters.

My reference was "The Descendants of David and Elizabeth CLARK" complied by Re D Evans and published by Evagean Publishing September 1992. This, in turn, credits the notes to the book "Charles Edward Barnett's Tree" by L M Ward

p 461,
...... Charles father William (Barnett) was the eldest son and was 8 years old when they settled in Atawhai. With limited education he worked on a farm until a young man, when he went to Nelson to work. In 1856 he met a married Sara Ann Plumridge who was a half sister to Queen Victoria. Sara Ann's father was a Colonel in the Imperial Guards and was sent out to Nelson with his wife and family and a detachment of Guards to guard the residence of the first Governor-General of Nelson and New Zealand, Edward Gibbbon Wakefield, and the provincial buildings.On their marriage William And Sara Ann received a dowry of 300 pounds to settle their family permanently in New Zealand. A farm was bought at East Takaka for the newly weds .....

I have not researched this other than the above.

8/24/2012 at 4:20 PM

Maria Cross was the daughter of the Duke of Kent. Found it on Google, with her credentials being father ... Duke oif Kent, .... mother not noted..The tree went George 3rd... Edward Duke of Kent and Strathern, Maria Cross, no mother noted. Maria, (royal child) married James Plumridge and came to NZ. Daughter Sarah Anne, therefore, grandchild of Edward, and great grandchild of ?George 3rd.

8/27/2012 at 2:46 PM

Interesting... I found on the Geni site the lineage of Sarah, and Maria Cross. Looks more likely Maria was the half sister to Queen Victoria. Also found a numbrer of references to Queen Victoria directing that all other "children" of the Duke of Kents, have their registry deeds, destroyed. This may account for the fact that when you google them as on the Geni page, you can go back to the lineage of the Plumridges, but not that of Sarah Ann, nor Maria Cross. Its blanked out. She was determined to obliterate any other claimants to the throne. I did find a reference, but now cant refind it... where it stated that the Duke did indeed marry Maria Cross, one of his preferred mistresses, but the marriage was annulled as it did not met the conditions of the Royal Marriages Act. You have to ask, why it seems almost impossible to find the birth certificate of Maria Cross, or Sarah Ann Plumridge?

8/27/2012 at 2:56 PM

Maria was married off to James Plumridge (1st), who was the gardener at the Duke of Kents property. I suspect Maria was given accommodation at the estate and was consequently married off to James. Maria and James already had a child, Eliza, then Sarah, then another son, also called James. It appears the younger James did not accompany the family to NZ. Why?

8/28/2012 at 3:23 AM

That is very interesting Jennifer.Yesterday I was at Kew palace and IN the room Edward the Duke of Kent slept as a child!Didn't have any familial feelings though!;-)

8/28/2012 at 11:49 PM

Well, if you are in the area..,, go see if you can find any of Maria Cross's records. I read someplace, gad.... hours of articles etc.. that Queen Victorias mother, by royal decree had all the known illegitimate children of the Duke of Kent destroyed... and an article questioning, the Duke of Kent actually fathering Victoria. He was 50 at the time, .. and clearly not in good health given he died when Victoria was only8 mths old, Normally fit 50 year old people dont succumb to Pneumonias unless they had already compromised health... which would most definitely affect his sperm count. The article I read, suggested, and enquired where the haemophiliac gene camer from which Victoria then spread around the European royal family. You need both chromosomrs to inherit it, and there were none in thDukes family...????? as they had done DNA testing of 19 known relatives and no haemophilia, suggesting that Queen Victoria was not indeed sired by thge Duke of Kent, but ny a Sir John Conroy, who was a member of the Queen mothers household. Victoria, spoke in some letter about an "unusually " close liason between her mother and the gentleman mentioned above. It may also explain why all those birth records were destroyed? ... and adds another question mark about the death of James Plumridge at only 4 years old... male contender to the throne? Son of Maria. So go do some digging around at Births deaths and marriages and see if you can find Marias document because I keep drawing a blank. Why would the registry details of a commoner, be removed from the registry??
Did you try the bed out???

8/28/2012 at 11:52 PM

Maybe James was removed as a threat to the throne, and Maria, along with James Plumridge chose to remove themselves to the far reaches of the world in order to protect any further children. ?? I would... wouldnt you, if you were convinced your male child had been " removed" possibly violently... in order to satisfy the Queen mother,who was determined to make Victoria Queen.

8/28/2012 at 11:57 PM

Maria, on the other hand, was sired when the Duke of Kent was but 33 years old, much more likely than him siring a child at 50. Past 40 years of age, male sperm lose motility, and generally are much less likely to sire a child than that of a younger man.

7/1/2013 at 3:47 AM

Lifted from another public genealogy site.
"Many thanks for the reply and the copy of the document, its much appreciated. I am a descendent of the Duke of Kent, he was the father of my great great grandmother, who was raised in NZ. The family came to NZ following the death of the only male son at aged 4 in what appears to be mysterious circumstances, following Victoria taking the throne. The two girls, lived long lives in NZ. Her mother was the illegitimate daughter of the Duke of Kent, and would have been a half sister to the child Green, William. Her birth records had been removed from the registry at the local church, but she was raised in the Duke Household, and later married a member of the Army. She and her husband had 3 children, 2 girls and one son, who died at an early age. Your letter is of interest to myself and my family as we make our way through the intricacies of the history of our family. "Kind Regards,
Jenny Eliasen. Direct descendent of the Duke of Kent. NZ.

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