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Hungerford was granted land by Edward VI in 1552, and in 1554 was restored by Queen Mary to the confiscated estate of Farley, in Somerset, when the attainder on his father, Walter Hungerford, 1st Baron Hungerford of Heytesbury, was reversed.

He was Sheriff of Wiltshire in 1557, 1572, 1581 and 1587.

He died in December 1596. Two portraits, one dated 1560 and the other 1574, are engraved in Hoare's "Modern Wiltshire, Heytesbury Hundred"[2] In Hoare's time (1822) they both belonged to Richard Pollen, esq. In the earlier picture Hungerford is represented in full armour, and about him are all the appliances of hunting and hawking, in which the inscription on the picture states that he excelled. A hawk is on his wrist in the later portrait.[1]

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