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Started by Louis Scholtz, j4 on Monday, December 26, 2011


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12/26/2011 at 6:03 AM

Hi to all the followers of the Gouws family

I've identified a problem with the profile of Pieter Gouws (Pieter Gouws, b3) and would like to have some opinions before I make changes to the profile.

Pieter's date of death on the above profile is set as circa 1730. Yet he is linked to a wife Aletta Vorster with a marriage date of November 25th 1742 (some 12 years after his death).

Aletta was in fact married to another Pieter Gouws. This individual exists in the "Geslagsregister van ou Kaapse Families" as Pieter Gous (ouers onbekend). On the First Fifty Years website, he is listed as the son of Andries Gauch and Johanna Conterman (http://www.e-family.co.za/ffy/g11/p11913.htm). Andries is the son of the progenitor Andre Gauch. This is supported by information from Richard Ball's website (http://www.ballfamilyrecords.co.uk/gous/I046.html).

If there is anyone that disagrees with the above assessment, please let me know.

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