I don’t recognize my tree anymore!

Started by Private User on Thursday, January 5, 2012


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Private User
1/5/2012 at 12:29 AM

I’ve been gone a few months and my trees changed so dramatically i my absence. If I were to stay away 2 more I think I’d come back to find I’d been switched at birth and my father was the mailman!

Private User
1/8/2012 at 9:10 PM

I am making a wild guess it was not enhanced, changed for the better, or etc.??

Private User
1/8/2012 at 11:45 PM

I am having the same issue. The curators merged many lines on my trees without asking, and now I have a huge jumbled mess to undo. Not pleased!

1/9/2012 at 2:02 PM

@Jessie Doby, do you have proof that it was curators who merged the lines and created a huge jumbled mess? Please don't libel us without supporting evidence. It is just as likely if not more so to have been a less experienced PRO user as they now can also merge public profiles.

1/10/2012 at 2:42 AM

Funy i dont have this prob. ??

Private User
1/10/2012 at 7:17 AM

@Terry Jackson, so now you want to sue me on behalf of Geni for making a claim you think is false? *eyeroll* When I logged into my account, a couple curators had messaged me about the lines they merged. But thank you for double-checking whether I can read.

If I wanted amateurs messing up my family tree's, I'd have printed them out and let my future nieces and nephews take finger paints to them.

1/10/2012 at 11:42 AM

@Jessie, unfortunately I cannot read through walls and miles so you had the advantage over me in this instance. I am interested though that you are bringing this up in a public discussion rather than discussing it with the curators in question. (or did you omit to mention this) We are there to help with the construction of this unique project of building a world tree and I'm sure any of the curators would hate to think that you felt this way.

1/10/2012 at 12:48 PM

Sometimes when the tree appears to be in a mess, it's just a matter of some merges that have not been completed. You can certainly ask any curator, especially whoever has been involved in merges and knows that area of the tree, to assist you.

Geni allows separate trees, but it appears that you are in the Big Tree and collaborating. Perhaps the Big Tree doesn't suit your goals? I know that for some people they don't understand the concept that there are thousands of descendants of their X great grandmother, all of whom have as much say in their X great grandmother's tree as they do. The Big Tree can be a fantastic asset, but some people don't want a collaborative tree, and for them, there is the option to be standalone.

Also, are you aware that curators are Geni users, like you, who volunteer, and are not Geni employees? It sounds like you don't understand what a curator is. They were chosen because they are librarians, researchers, genealogists who are expert in a particular area, really smart computer experts, fluent in a number of languages, have degrees in specific areas of history, etc. And because they are committed to helping Geni users grow the tree correctly.

That does not mean that they don't make mistakes, but I'm not sure why you assume guilt without asking the curators who you believe did merges to assist you. Or as Terry says, why you assume that it's curators, and not just Pro members who can merge any public profiles.

Private User
1/10/2012 at 7:28 PM

@Terry, I appreciate your sentiments. I'm not blaming you or the curators. You are utilizing the tools of the current system, and I understand that. I'm expressing displeasure that things were changed without adequate notification or consent, and as a result some information was lost (for example, census data I recorded into the 'about me' section of an ancestor, when it was merged).

I think that's reasonable to do on this forum. If it is not, please let me know, and I will abstain from posting my thoughts on this topic. I did email the curators, but I haven't received a reply yet.

@Hatte Blejer, I have contacted the curators in question. The 'Big Tree' does not accomplish my goals, as I am very meticulous about having proof before publishing my work. A lot of my lines are in the skeletal phase, loosely based on second-hand information passed down from distant relatives. I am interested in collaborating, particularly with my family members. I'm not against sharing the information with everyone, but I want to make sure it's reasonably correct first.

I assumed you were all volunteers. I have been working in the SAR/DAR environment for a few years now, and I understand that there are many intelligent, honest people involved in the genealogical community.

I'm not accusing the curators of having faulty information on their end. Rather, it seems strange to me that such educated people would simply assume I knew what I was doing, without any evidence other than a matching name and parent set. And in some of the instances where I had branches spliced into mine, I could see how a Pro user might have made that mistake instead of a curator.

1/10/2012 at 7:34 PM

Jessie - I would also be upset if information that I had entered in the "About Me" were lost in a merge. That should not happen. Do you realize that you can go into Revisions of the About Me and recover it? Ask for help, if you need it. Usually everything in the About Me is kept in a merge unless someone deliberately goes in and deletes things and that is ill-considered.

Good luck and I certainly support your wanted your information to be sourced adequately. I'm glad to hear you have such high standards. We need more users like you. I'm sure that you know that there are many copies of trees floating around the Internet that do not have evidence behind them.

Private User
1/10/2012 at 9:15 PM

@Hatte - First Geni had stand-alone trees (when I started, merging not yet even possible). Then they stopped allowing you to keep your tree separate - Geni forcibly made Profiles Public and curators were given the power to merge Public Profiles, which they did, connecting "our" tree to the Big Tree, even tho nobody on my Tree wanted it. And then more merges were done to/with profiles in my Max Family. Now, once again Geni has changed their minds and are willing to allow folks to keep stand-alone Trees and not forcibly merge them. But now a Basic Member can only add at most 100 Profiles - so I cannot manually copy the (over 1000) Profiles, using a different e-mail address. So how can I possibly get "my" stand-alone tree now?

1/10/2012 at 9:20 PM

Please don't generalize. I never connected a private tree to the Big Tree and most curators did not either. I considered that to be an intrusion personally.

Geni brought back standalone tree in response to their users -- you all -- vocally requesting it. Which is what a company that cares about its customers ought to do.

Some people see the glass half empty. I'm happy to speak with and to assist those who are appreciative. I'll stay out of this discussion now that it has become toxic. It's why you hardly ever see me in public discussions anymore. I'm tired of reading the same glass half empty complaints over and over.

I pay as a Pro. I have the same issues as the rest of you do but I thank God am a glass half full person.

Have a good evening. Good night.

Private User
1/10/2012 at 9:47 PM

Hatte Blejer - re: "Please don't generalize" - I assume you are speaking to me, but I am unclear totally on where I am generalizing / what generalizing you are referring to.

I never said all curators did joins without permission. I know Geni allowed it, I know it happened, I know it happened to our Tree. As far as I could tell at the time, Geni was encouraging that activity, because it wanted to create One World Tree, etc. I was certainly not trying to attack you by that comment.

My comment, directed to you, was inspired by your stating, above, "Geni allows separate trees, but it appears that you are in the Big Tree and collaborating. Perhaps the Big Tree doesn't suit your goals?" Which left me thinking that perhaps you had some idea what a person, attached to the Big Tree, could do if "the Big Tree doesn't suit your goals".

Gave info on my specific case - the opposite from generalizing - because I was hoping perhaps there was a way.

Private User
1/10/2012 at 10:08 PM

That Curators were given the power to merge Public Profiles without needing permission was, at the time, clearly stated by Geni. I would say even touted. I saw it, made sure I had no Public Profiles, but others in my Max Family did not see it - and also tended not to notice when Geni defaulted their newly created Profiles to Public, and before I thought to get the word to all of them, we were attached.

Since it was clearly stated by Geni that it could be done, and it was done to us, it did not occur to me that it might be a very unusual occurrence. Not at all sure it would make me feel better to discover what happened to us was extremely unusual. But does anyone know if it really was extremely unusual for Trees to be attached to the Big Tree that way (ie without the permission of anyone on the separate Tree)? How many did it happen to? What about two Trees connected this way, even if neither the 'Big Tree' - how unusual was that?

More recently, for a stretch, Pros could also do merges of any and all Public Profiles without needing permission. We were attached before regular Pros could do this. But - does anyone know how many Trees were attached by Pros simply merging Public Profiles?

Private User
1/10/2012 at 10:31 PM

*BAM*, argument neutralized.

Private User
1/10/2012 at 10:43 PM

@Victar - Don't understand your comment at all. Tried looking at the link, could see no relevance. Explain please.

1/10/2012 at 10:47 PM

If you want a standalone tree, you'll have to take advantage of one of Geni's sales, as many people have done. As for statistics about mergers of private and public trees, I have no idea and doubt it can be measured.

Personally, I'm happy to have my family group private and beyond the last couple of generations, I make my profiles public so I can add them to projects. I'm thrilled with everything I have learned by being on Geni and a member of the Big Tree. I would never have found all the information I found on Geni in the short amount of time it took by being connected to the Big Tree.

I do not understand wanting a private tree for relatives past about 6 -7th great grandparents. It doesn't make sense to me. Too many of us share these ancestors and it has been a true joy discovering other descendants of my ancestors - OUR ancestors.

Private User
1/11/2012 at 10:41 PM

Hatte - Thanks for responding. So far, Geni is only place my info is up - no private Genealogy Program or etc. It seems pretty clear I should have something besides the "Big Tree" on Geni.

Re: objecting to a "private tree for relatives past about 6 -7th great grandparents." - I am definitely not doing that. - of my great-grandparents, one pair is simply two names on a Death Certificate of their child who immigrated to the USA and became my grandparent; my other six greatgrandparents immigrated to the USA and I have info on them (with their names in the USA - def. not nec. before), but their parents (my 2nd great-grandparents) are at most names on records and/or gravestones (generally Americanized names; often varying record to record for the same person).

For this limited range of ancestors, I too have searched and found other descendants of them, contacting several with offers of invite to Geni, which some have accepted.

Private User
1/13/2012 at 11:55 PM

I didn’t realize I’d start something! =) I’ve been using a tree given to me by a cousin. I don’t know how accurate her tree is, but it’s been a great starting point for me, as I don’t really know any of my family or my family history.

Entire branches have been severed in my tree. People who were (direct) relatives are now distantly related to me by marriage, if at all. I don’t know who made changes or when/where the changes in the tree occurred. I’m trying to figure it out. It may be more accurate in areas, but some people have been merged with their relatives. It’s just a big mess. I’m a little overwhelmed. Ugh!

1/14/2012 at 6:04 AM

Private User, if you would like someone to look at your tree in the areas you think may now be incorrect we can see what we can do however we will need the urls of the Profiles i.e. www.geni.com/.....

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