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First of all, there was never a county called "Therouanne". This is a name which was confused in early MSS with "Ternois". If there ever was a person called Maud, her title would have been Maud de Boulogne et Ternois. The capital city of Boulogne was Boulogne-sur-Mer and the capital city of Ternois was St. Pol-sur-Ternoise. Some of the laterr counts instead of calling themselves "Ternois" preferred to call themselves "Counts of St. Pol". Baldwin II Count of Flanders first held Boulogne in 898, and Ternois in 892. These two counties were passed on to his younger son Adalolf upon Baldwin's death in 918. His older son Arnulf gained the County of Flanders.. Much of the information on this site is faulty and does not contain any sources for the "facts" shown.

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