Aletta Wilhelmina Jansen van Rensburg a.k.a Letty married John Edwards.

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1/9/2012 at 12:20 AM

Vernon Matthew Gibbs is looking for information about his Great Grandmother '''Aletta Wilhelmina Jansen van Rensburg''' a.k.a Letty who left the Grahamstown area as a young girl. She married John Edwards from Wales. He died about 1954 (TAB DN 375/54 - not yet seen) and she was still alive at that time.

1/9/2012 at 8:18 AM

Dunno about Aletta, but I do know that a little boy called Vernon Gibbs lived down the road from me in Port Elizabeth, and his Mom's name was Shirley. That you Vernon?

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1/9/2012 at 8:32 AM

Vernon Matthew Gibbs Yes!!! that ties up with the information he has given us! Small world!!!

1/9/2012 at 8:47 AM

:-) I was six, and his sister was in my class, and his mother convinced mine to dye her hair red. Good times :-)

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1/10/2012 at 1:42 AM

Have found quite a few of the people he is looking for. Will go to Pretoria on Thursday. I did hope to go tomorrow, but don't know iwill make it. Also found the one he is looking for.

My rug is seer!!!!!

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