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Started by <private> Labbe / McClure (Anderson) on Thursday, January 12, 2012


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1/12/2012 at 4:55 PM

Gini feel free to forward any "locked MP" data resolve issues to the curator and if for some reason no response, to me as a backup. It's actually helpful to have an extra pair of eyes - I work thru under documented trees with collaborators this way. I so appreciate everyone's hard work!

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1/12/2012 at 11:54 PM

<private> Labbe / McClure (Anderson) - Please note that there is an option in your merge center where you can select to only show your own merge issues.

The very big problem today are all the bad merges done by Pro users WITHOUT ANY KNOWLEDGE of the line they are performing merges on.

Lately we have had a lot of really bad merges in the Nordic lines because none-Nordic users merge profiles just because Geni have put a merge suggestion in the merge center because the names is similar, and the merges is performed without checking closer.

Remember that almost 99% of the merge suggestions from Geni on Nordic names are false alerts because of patronymic names (the surname ending in -sen/son and -dotter/datter just tells that they are the son or daughter of one of the parents and identical names is NOT an indication that they might be related.

1/14/2012 at 11:40 AM

Virginia, I suggest two things. First, that you NOT work on the merges of your collaborators. In general it does more harm than good because unless you have done the research on that branch of the tree, or stop and do the research, you are likely to merge profiles that shouldn't be merged. Further, there are times when duplicates should NOT be merged. Bjorn can speaker more about this. When you merge in a very bad duplicate tree to an area that has been MPed, researched, and is correct, it just creates work for all of us.

When I look at tree conflicts in my merge center, I only look at family, managed by, curated by. I do not look at my collaborators' tree conflicts. I suggest that you do likewise, only look at family or managed by. Also, I suggest that you manage profiles that you actually do research on or are fairly closely related to. Otherwise you are doing merges in a hurry to "clean out your merge center" on branches of the tree that you do not know much about and do not do research on. That at least is the impression that you are giving with this emphasis on a "clean merge center". Unless you are willing to ask questions, write emails, subscribe to NEGHS yourself, look up sources when you merge, you should NOT be merging.

My second suggestion is that you not focus on managing every single profile on the tree that you are related to. Your management requests don't make sense because if you are collaborating with the person and if the profile is public, you have edit permission and as a Pro you have the ability to do merges. I have declined your management requests of my close family - such as my great grandfather - who is NOT a close relative of yours. In general, I do accept your management requests, even though I have no idea why you insist upon management of a distant relative who is (1) public (2) MPed (3) managed by many of your collaborators. Becoming the manager does nothing for you.

I do accept the vast majority of your management requests. We have talked about this before and you have talked with others about it. I think you have a mistaken idea of what being a manager brings you.

I suggest that you FOLLOW all the profiles that you want to be informed about, should they be edited. That is what I and others do.

You are a member of the Allen Family Project and are able to input your knowledge and research and to influence the profiles in the project. The person who started that project is the most objective and collaborative of people. By the way, most of the others in the project are also Allen descendants with great great great grandparents for instance who are Allens.

That is what you need to remember. We share these ancestors and we all have the responsibility to ensure that the information about them is correct and complete. Your knowledge is only good if you use it Virginia. Sitting and laughing does no good for you or anyone else.

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