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The King knew Margaret was of royal blood and a threat, but he liked her and awarded her a good income and made her Clountess of Salisbury. The King also financed her clever son, Reginald, to attend Oxford University which led to his career in the Church.
Margaret was a rich woman with vast lands and she was often at Court and became close friends with the King's first wife, Katherine of Aragon. She was also governess to Katherine's daughter, Mary. When Mary was given her own Court in Ludlow Castle, aged just 9, Margaret went with her. When the King divorced Anne Boleyn and married Jane Seymour, Margaret was again in favour in Court.
Later, the King deeply feared Margaret might head an uprising against him and so he imprisoned Margaret in the Tower of London. When there was a revolt against the King in Yorkshire (nothing to do with Margaret) he blamed Margaret and had her condemned to death. 28 May 1541 She lay her head on the block (other stories untrue) but the executioner was inexperienced and panicked and it took several blows to her head and neck and shoulders before he achieved her bloody death. An innocent woman always loyal whose lands and wealth were taken by the King.
I wanted this to be recorded as I consider it vital to her profile. Ann

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