Sarah Autrey & Family

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1/15/2012 at 10:58 AM

Hi to all who are reading this... I wanted to let you all know that Sarah Neighbors b 17 August 1827 in Perry County Alabama and married Albert Neighbors on 23 December 1844 in Perry County Alabama is the daugther of Absalum Autrey who was born in 1802. His wife's name is Elizabeth Norris Autrey she is one of 16 children and the home of her family built by her father is a current museum in Louisiana. I am currently trying to connect my ancestor Kizzar Autrey into this family as well... there is 16 listed on a website however 1 child is listed 2 times which of course leaves the spot open for Kizzar who I am told is the sister of Jackson Autrey, who is the brother of Sarah E Autrey Neighbors....

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