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1/20/2012 at 12:50 PM

Our beloved mother, Isabel Ann Krulewich Kotler, celebrates her 99th birthday this Sunday, January 22, 2011. She was born in Galveston, Texas, in the Deep South, nine months after the RMS Titanic disaster and nineteen months before the start of World War I. Since 1920 Mom has lived in Chicago and suburbs and continues to do so. She has memory lapses, but her doctor says her health is good.

Isabel is really the last of her generation in our family. She is the youngest of four siblings and the only one still alive. She is also the last of her 35 first cousins from thirteen aunts and uncles.

Mom doesn't use a computer, but most anything posted on this site will get to her.

2012 Update – Isabel Krulewich Kotler's Generation. She's the last living relative of sixty-one first cousins and their spouses, from 21 aunts, uncles and their spouses.

Mom's Siblings (3) and Their Spouses (4) = 7
Ethel Krulewich, Ben Elcrat
Migel King, Cecile Ainbinder
Gilbert King, Harriet Leavitt, Myrtle Friedland

Mom's Aunts and Uncles (13) and Their Spouses (8) = 21
Migel = 11
Louey Migel, Rebecca Goldstein
Lewin Marcus, Jr., (1860- )
Lena Migel (1861-1878)
Willie I Migel (1867-1869)
M. Migel (1868-1869)
Willie II Migel (1877-1884)
Meyer Migel, (1870-1900 Galveston hurricane), unknown spouse
Sam Migel, Mina Prince
Krulewich = 10
Harris Krulewich, Rachel Sandusky
Mary Krulewich, Zach Nierman
Esther Krulewich, Abe Roscoe
Thomas Krulewich, Lizzy Barnett
Dave Keene, Jennie Hecht

Mom's First Cousins (35) and Their Spouses (26) = 61
Migel = 2
Child of Sam Migel (1) and Her Spouse (1) = 2
Hilda Migel, Ben Goldberg
Krulewich = 59
Children of Harris Krulewich (11) and Their Spouses (7) = 18
Anna (1874-1950)
Belle, Louis Hecht
Hattie, Abe Drozdowitz
Moe, Mina Prince
Manny (1885-1949)
Mabel, I.B. Perlman
Essie, Otto Glick, Hyman Davidson
George (1890-1912)
Gilly (1892-1969)
Della, Bernard Jacobs
Ruth (1899-1997)
Children of Mary Krulewich (9) and Their Spouses (7) = 16
Lillian Nierman, Ben Kane
Hyman Nierman, Nell Novin, Lillie McWaters
Fannie Schwartz, Joe Schwartz
Anna Nierman, Louis Minck
Esther Nierman, Hermann Novin
Joseph Nierman, Ethel Adam
Ida Nierman (1882- )
Celia Nierman ( -1965)
Lilly Neuerman (1886- )
Children of Esther Krulewich (7) and Their Spouses (5) = 12
Lillian Roscoe, Wm. H. Jackson
Bessie, Sam Schwartz
Samuel Roscoe, Edith Levinski
Ida Roscoe (1879-1957)
Ertha Roscoe (1892-1975)
Joseph Roscoe, First Wife, Waldine Gallagher
Gilbert Roscoe (1896-1957)
Children of Thomas Krulewich (5) and Their Spouses (4) = 9
Ethel, Harry Diamond
Dorothy, Bill Elfenbaum
Tom, Jr. (1903-1997)
Harry, Jean Ratner
Jeanette, Emile Guttmann
Children of Dave Keene (2) and Her Spouses (2) = 4
Bernard (1901 – 1911)
Anna Rose, Miles Ginsburg, Melbourne Leavitt

Prepared by Yosef Sa'ar, Elat on the Red Sea, 29 June 2011. Revised 20 January 2012.

1/21/2012 at 2:51 AM

Oops, of course that should be Sunday, January 22, 2012, for birthday 99.

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