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Started by Walter Wright on Saturday, January 21, 2012


1/21/2012 at 5:04 AM

Being new to your discussion group, I will step carefully. I have used this site in the past as well as many others to give a gift of Ancestry to my daughters and grandchildren. I started with the 16 individual past the 4-generation sheet. How hard can it be? Right? Wrong.
only three generation forward, or I should say backward in time on only one line, using the top individual only, the names grew and grew into a huge snowball. Grief, if I go back only one generation and from the 12 individuals do the same thing, I will be long and buried.
My intent originally was to give to them the idea that these individual were more than just names and births and deaths on a line; but real living, breathing humans with hopes, hurts and emotions. Wow, that means homework, even for the 4-generations alone. What have I done?
Being disabled because of the old truck just would not run, and the mechanics could not find parts anymore for that old of a model, I walk for exercise when I have a bad day, and when I have a crappy day, I work on my computer. Trying to purchase my way into Heaven, Genealogy seemed a good move. I systematically went down my research row, all the way down from Dad to Mom until my brain was mush; but then it became very much addictive, and soon all I did was sleep and eat at the computer. Some line just stopped, other kept going and it was only 4 generation into the project I hit Royalty on all sides. Probably like all Americans, since we came from the Old World.
This narrative actually has a reason. I have used your site, as mentioned for information, and read that Siward de Longworth had no progenitors. That is true for the most part; but he being my 27th great grandfather, I do have only two bits of information to add. Information on his father and his grandfather. Then it stops for me.
Siward's father was Vcke Longworth, being born in England about 1118, and I have no idea who his wife was. His grandfather was Longworth being born in England about 1098.
Don't get discouraged, I've been pushing and have Lady Queen Eleanore de Aquitaine, Queen of England and France. I wanted to know more about her. Well we all make mistakes. However, I haven't beheaded anyone as did Henry VIII, although I have thought about it once or twice on certain people.
My Father said, "Quit doing all the Royalty stuff and start doing Family History." I politely replied, these are our ancestors. Actually I have nearly 1,000 Danish names, I only need to verify them. And doing Jewish family research is difficult, thanks to the several Holocausts in history. I made it to 60 years after Christ on the Roman Empire side, and it was then I needed to rethink my scope of my project and downsize it a bit. Getting information, Coat of Arms and Painting, sketches, and Statues, as well as Castles can be time consuming. Thank you again for your site, it has much useful information. Just don't take on a 100 volume project like I originally attempted to do. Best of luck to you all.
Walter D. Wright

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