Matthew Beckwith Chronology of Events

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Documented events in his life were:
1. Emigrant Ancestor; 1636; Saybrook, Middlesex Co., CT.
2. Fine; 1 Aug 1639; Hartford, Hartford Co., CT 3. Matthew Beckwith, centured & fined 10 s. for unreasonable & imoderatt drinking att the pinnace.
3. Lawsuit; 2 Mar 1643/44; Hartford, Hartford Co., CT 4. In the ac of Math: Beckwytt pl agt Math: Allen deft the July find for the pl damages viijs & Chardges of Court. Executio graunted.
4. Lawsuit; 1 Sep 1644; Hartford, Hartford Co., CT 5. Math: Beckwith & Tho: Hungerford pl agt Will Edwards deft in an act of Slaunder. In the ac of Math: Beckwith & Tho: Hungerford pl agt Will Edwads deft the Jury find for the pl damages 20s & Cost of Court.
5. Lawsuit; 24 Apr 1649; Hartford, Hartford Co., CT 6. Mathew Marven plt Contra Mathew Beckwith defendt in an action of defamation damages £50 In the action ... the defendt making his public penitent confession of his evill in Slaundering the said plt was remitted by the Court and Plt.
6. Lawsuit; 1 Jun 1651; Hartford, Hartford Co., CT 7. Mathew Beckwith plt Contra William Williams defendt in an Action of the Case to the damage of 50s. .. the Jury finds for the defendt damages 2s.
Mathew Beckwith plt Contra Thomas Hubberd defendt in an Action of Debt with the damages to the value of 15s; the Courte Adiudges the defendt to pay vnto the plt 12s & Costs of Curte wch is 16s.
7. Debt; 4 Sep 1651; Hartford, Hartford Co., CT 8. The Creditors of Mathew Beckwith had publique notice to bring in their Debts to the next Quarter Courte or to the Secretary before the Courte and then appeare there and theire Causes shall bee heard.
8. Lawsuit; 13 Jun 1655; Pequott, CT 9. Matthew Beckwith plt Contra Tho Rowell defendt in an Actio of the Case uppon Accote to the dammage of £16; In the Action of accte betweene Mathew Beckwith plt and Thomas Rowell defent the Jury findes for the plt damages fourteene pounds and 9s and Costs of Courte whith the Courte allows to bee ten Shillings.
9. Court Appearance; 13 Jun 1655; Pequott, CT 10. Joined with other townsmen petitioning the court.
10. Lawsuit; 15 May 1660; Hartford, Hartford Co., CT 11. Richrd Hartley plt contr Math: Beckwith Dft in an actioon of ye case to ye damadge of £24; The Jury finds for ye Plt the debt according to Bill and the forfeiture of ye sd payment on ye Bond and costs of ye Court.
Mathew Beckwith Plat contr Thomas Brooks in an action of Debt by Bill to bye damadge of £50; Thomas Brooks not appeareing to answer according to Summons The Court Grants to ye Plaintief a spetial warrant for Brooks his appearance at ye Court in June vnless there happen a Court at N: London about that time.
11. Lawsuit; 4 Sep 1662; Hartford, Hartford Co., CT 12. John Richards Pt contr Georg Halsey Math Beckwith Peeter Blachfield & Tho: Stafford in an action of ye case respecting an assult & Battery; Matthew Beckwith not mentioned in the final judgement of the Court.
12. Death; 21 Oct 1680 13. As recorded in the journal of Simeon Bradford: "Octob. 21. Matthew Brecket Sen. aged about 70, missing his way in a very dark night, fell from a Ledge of rocks about 20 or 30 foot high and beat out his brains against a stone he fell vpon. Another man yt was wth him was wthin a yard of ye place but by gods Providee came not to such an end. Let him and all nearly concerned, ye every one, make good vse of such an awfull & Solemne Providee."
13. Inventory Taken; 13 Dec 1682; Lyme, New London, CT 14. £293.01.00

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