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1/25/2012 at 5:54 PM

dear and curators stop judith mckee from editting my family tree apolonio ramon , tomas sanchez family

1/26/2012 at 1:30 AM

Apolonio ramon is very deceased -

the next genration is -

Perfecto DE LA GARZA JIMENEZ Birth: 1861
Son of Eugenio DE-LA-GARZA and Maria Tomasa JIMENEZ SANCHEZ
Husband of Feliciana RAMON DOVALINA

so the daughter of Apolonio ramon who is Feliciana RAMON DOVALINA would be born between 1861 and 1870 -

I have passed this onto Ric also

The is line goes back into the Historic Spanish line of Texas - which someone has been destroying for well over a year -

much of this information is available out on the internet - In feact from what i have seen this person or peson - just copied the majority of the information over from some of these site and then done a sabotage job on them all

1/26/2012 at 3:54 AM

ALSO HERE IS FOUND a. Perfecto DE-LA-GARZA JIMENEZ m. 11 Feb 1861, in Laredo, Webb Co., TX, Feliciana RAMON DOVALINA, (daughter of Apolonio RAMON and Leonor DOVALINA VIDAURRI). with more on the ancestors

E. Maria Quilina SANCHEZ GONZALEZ m. 9 Nov 1808, in Laredo, Webb Co., TX, Jose Antonio JIMENEZ MENDIOLA, (son of Ignacio JIMENEZ and Estefana MENDIOLA).
1. Maria Tomasa JIMENEZ SANCHEZ b. Laredo, Webb Co., TX, m. 6 Aug 1829, in Laredo, Webb Co., TX, Eugenio DE-LA-GARZA, b. Laredo, Webb Co., TX, (son of Anselmo DE-LA-GARZA VILLARREAL and Maria Juana TREVIÑO VILLARREAL).
a. Perfecto DE-LA-GARZA JIMENEZ m. 11 Feb 1861, in Laredo, Webb Co., TX, Feliciana RAMON DOVALINA, (daughter of Apolonio RAMON and Leonor DOVALINA VIDAURRI).
b. Felicidad DE-LA-GARZA JIMENEZ m. 16 Aug 1861, in Laredo, Webb Co., TX, Gabino DE-LA-GARZA TREVIÑO, (son of Jesus DE-LA-GARZA and Andrea TREVIÑO).

Private User
1/26/2012 at 7:29 AM

Judi, - this is not research, it is duplicating others research you find pieces of on internet and you should respect the request from this family to get some privacy.

Remember that Geni's privacy rule is a distance of 5 from a living person, which some times include at least 3 generations of deceased people, so deceased is not an argument.

Technically I agree that any deceased person born before 1900 should be a public profile, since you might find that information in public registers anyhow, but keep that rule only within your own family and don't force it on others even if you might find the same information elsewhere.

This is not your own family profiles you are publishing detailed information about, so please pull out and remove the profiles of current generations.

Thank you!

1/29/2012 at 9:55 AM

deleted alot of profiles per you demand -

and personally like another has told me you know nothing about this branch - what has happened and went on - since october about it and the work that has went on to straighten the mess that this person(s) created within it

all the sources I mentioned above were also used by these person(s) to enter their profiles - they sabotaged, massacred names , put in bogus names and dates in fact I even found one closed account using one of the authors names whether geni had closed it because of the sabotage and destruction of the branch I am not sure. - the person(s) did not present any sourcing or documentation and the data presented resemebled that of the data presented in the sources listed above but altering the names

this person(s) had used 5 different accounts to enter these same profiles over and over through them with different name variations and absolutely no dates or places within 99.8% precent of the time - and was claiming curators and other geni memebers was defiling this branch stealling all of his documents and phots of these profiles (personally i think there was non added to any of the profiles), making it a total mess of it when in reality it was all this person(s) fault i offered my help in merging this mess together which brought or was bringing all the accounts together as one profile(s)

when another attack occured in october while helping merge this profiles together for this person(s) I turned in the full names of the accounts that the person addmited to be using to 2 curators. and then he purposesfuly kept opening as many a 8 more accounts in Novemeber to do more destruction and sabotage to this banch as mering of thes person(s) profiles continued to bring this branch together and to correct the names within - at times because of holding the various acoutns this person(s) had entered the smae profile anywhere from 2 - 5 times into GENI

there is a great deal of research and detective work that has been done within theis branch - the sources listed and the data withing was provided and listed to PROVE why the names was changed from the way it had ben difiled and entered in - also this branch has many double, triple quadruple lineages off those profiles that were deleted and thus all the clues to those have been destroyed - the profiles that have been deleted were they KEY in finding all the multi profiles this person(s) had entered into GENI

Private User
5/6/2012 at 1:42 AM

i did not copy from any of those sights i got from laredo library which u can't get only in person i work hard on my tree , and now u have my profiles, they don't belong to u they are mine" i took all my info from internet and nolonger share documents or info with noone thanks judith .

Private User
5/6/2012 at 1:49 AM

you don't relate to anybody on my tree apolonio ramon rivera why should u have it or ric dickinson : u should erase all profiles which u have claim to be manager off " i put them there and the merges are not approved! sorry for this trouble it was judith mckee and ric dickinson irresponsable behaivor and the stealing of info and there judgement on taking what is not theirs. all family members got out of some stopped paying . it was a good plateform to get family together and keep in touch . i want my tree back but without judith and ric dickinson on there " please give me my tree back

Private User
5/6/2012 at 2:32 AM

Judi / Judith Elaine Mc Kee you don't know the whole story first i invited you when our tree was in the process to be erased and you said u where gonna help " you claimed genicom had done the same to you "burn you" and that why gave you a free access to genicom pro " you said you would help erase my info but you started putting back and emailed me " how am i doing" i replayed what are u doing putting info back. i did not want to sabbatage people work just erase mine to get it out of ric dickinson's hands but because ric dickinson merge it our erasing effected " all merges within the tree . but first ric's merge was not approved so he gain it grossly . we never approved to merge with ric or anybody you started putting in names of my family and me and grandson yoel and his family(which are children ) we said no to you but still u put it . you would send my grandson emails tauting him that you would find info on internet and put it back like it or not which most of info on other web sites are created by him and where taken off because of your behaivor . you have comments that he posted on himself(bio) and you posted it on genicom which you sourced and linked but will find the source is nolonger there because we took it off from the other websites you got from . we wanted to share not get ripoff

Private User
5/6/2012 at 2:34 AM

please read: and curators please help

Private User
5/6/2012 at 2:42 AM

i do know of this branch i inputted this branch on to and connected them to many others . i have been working on this branch for about 20 years and for you to claim ownership and manager to this is wrong ! its mine tree not your i want my edittng right to this tree and want this people out of it
i will fix it " i promise" but without them " i know if i sabbatage it i will be suspended but i did not intent to sabbatagoe it . my goal was to take it away from ric dickison but because he merged it and people started merging within it it affected all merges that was not the goal ! the erasing of my tree was called sabbottaged but i wasn't trying to mess it up ."just trying to erase it and make another one wothout ric dickinson and judith mckee with contrl of my family tree " i repeat they are not related to anybody in tree "

Private User
5/6/2012 at 2:47 AM

i did not want to sabbatoge or meess anybodys work just erase mine and start again on genicom without ric dickinson or judith mckee. i am very sorry for trouble but i had to fight for my rights to my tree ! because it is wrong for ric dickinson and judith mckee to have editting rights to my trree which they gain control after getting my grandson suspended and they inheitaded the tree

Private User
5/6/2012 at 2:57 AM

"- and was claiming curators and other geni memebers was defiling this branch stealling all of his documents and phots of these profiles (personally i think there was non added to any of the profiles),"

yeah your the people i'm talling about curator ric dickinson and you Judi / Judith Elaine Mc Kee
don't you have my family tree along with ric dickinson and manage the my family tree . )that is stealing ) plus not all profiles are found on john inclan web site or longoria database they are my cousins there info will match mine but he doesn't put all line there because of privacy which you have broken and even with our family complaining you still have jose apolonio ramon rivera : which one of his name is wrong !

Private User
5/6/2012 at 6:54 AM

u got the wrong father and ommitted one genaration on jose apolonio ramon . on another profile manuel dovalina pizana is wrong u got wrong info !

Private User
5/6/2012 at 5:52 PM

i'm claiming his profile and a living descendant of his family" jose apolonio ramon rivera

Private User
5/19/2012 at 11:33 PM

yeah i made this family tree and my profiles where the" keys" or connection to many and because i put them their i should be able to erase my own family info "it my info" not sabatoge just protecting my family info which u share like it your own research and it took me decades you have contributed nothing but steal my info and its my family tree u manage you did not even created it just ediited it ! do your own family tree and live us alone .

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