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Her name is given as Mary Alice on her marriage, while her husband is named Alexander Wilson.
Mary Alice and Alexander Wilson had the following children: - Jessie Eliza, b. 1889; John, b. 1890; Catherine Alice, b. 1893; Jane Geddie, b. 1895 and Robert David Alexander, b. 1897. However I am not certain that this is the same couple, although given Alexander Wilson's death on 11 Mar 1898 it seems probable that it is.
Jessie Eliza was married in 1911 to Thomas James Truesdale. I cannot find any information on the others (deaths or marriages) except for: "Robert Alexander" Wilson died in Belgium 12 Oct 1917. The soldier's mother is given as Mrs A. Wilson of Omarama, Otago in one record and as of McBrides Hotel, Queenstown, in another.

Owen McEneany Wilson's father is not named in the birth index but it cannot be Alexander who died in 1898.

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i have in my book told by people not check yet, alice and john wilson had 3 childern Bob , Jessie, Jack.
was told the owen mceneany-wilson married someone called Marion Louisia they had 3 childern Marion, Jennifer,,Owen
I have owen mceneany -wilson was born 5thmarch 1910 died 29th nov 1968, his father is not on the birth cerft and it has his mother age as41 when he was born ,,it was one of the childern i was talking to in oamaru a fews years ago

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